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Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb factory

Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb factory

Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb factory

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Item:                  LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard                          
Model:               MT-MK007                                    
Colors:               Black
EAN Code:        6970344731677                   

1. Lucency injection keycap wear proof and high light transmittance
2. High quality macro-mechanical switch
3. Colorful LED Back light customizable
4. Quick multimedia function FN + combination
5. 64 grade e-sports game chips
5. Full page fully automatic SMT solution
6. Full key Anti-ghosting                            
Customize the lighting effect          
FN+1 gaming mode 1(FPS) A, S, D, W, ←↓→↓Esc (Illuminated)
FN+2 gaming mode 2(CF)  A, S, D, W, Ctrl, Shift, Alt, R, G, Q, E, B, 1~5, Tab, F1~F3, Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, PrtSc (Illuminated)
FN+3 gaming mode 3(COD)  Q, W, E, R, T, A, S, D,F, G, C, V, 1~7, Ctrl, Shift (Illuminated)
FN+4 gaming mode 4(RTS)  Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, G, X, Z, F, K, L, H, M, N, U, Y, T, P, 1~0, Ctrl, Shift, Alt (Illuminated)
FN+5 game model 5(LOL)  Q, W, E, R, D, G, F, B, V, Ctrl, Alt, Tab, 1~6, Esc  (Illuminated)
FN+6 gaming mode 6(car race)  A, S, D, W, R, ←↓→↓Ctrl, Shift, Alt (Illuminated)
Packing Details:                
Gift Box                               
                   Size: 440*136*36     mm          
                   Carton Box                                  
                   Qty.:         10          pcs           
                   N.W.:        7.0         kg             
                   G.W.:        9.10       kg             
                   Size: 505*465*195  mm 

Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb factory-1

Anti-Ghosting full keys
Qty of shortcut buttons 12
Keyboard type Mechanical Blue switch
OS Compatibility Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10  MAC OS X
Error-free running time More than 50 million times
Interface Gold-Plating USB
Wire length 180 ± 0.1 cm
Weight 905±5g
Dimensions approx. :440*136*36 mm 

Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb is designed to provide customers with choice and flexibility. The product is of small size and saves the space
mechanical keyboard rgb exhibits high hardness, good abrasion resistance, high strength and stability. The product is incredibly reliable for use
Tested on several parameters of quality, the provided mechanical keyboard rgb is available at pocket-friendly prices for the clients. The product is offered with the OEM and ODM service
Cost-effective raw materials: the raw materials of Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb are selected at the lowest prices, which have unique attributes that are suitable for the production of the product. The product can be bulk ordered by customers
The design of Meetion mechanical keyboard rgb adds an overall aesthetic. The product has a lower calorific value.
This product can work stably under a range of voltage. It has been check for its reliability in different voltage conditions, such as input voltage, surge voltage or low voltage.
The product features high simplicity. It is designed with clean and straight lines based on the minimalist style which gives an appeal of freshness and neatness. The product is endowed with great flexibility
The product helps protect the heat from hitting the house directly. The solar panel system creates a protective barrier to stop the heat. The product is of embedded compact design
This product gives the merchandise a completely different presentation – not only in terms of optimizing how well they are noticed but also making them readily accessible. The product is praised for its high efficiency
This product achieves great softness. The chemical softener used unites with the fibers, making the product smooth and soft. The product is praised for its high efficiency
The product can effectively remove most of the sediment, suspended solids, and other contaminants with its high-efficient ultrafiltration device. The product is offered with the OEM and ODM service
The quality assurance of mechanical keyboard rgb can be guaranteed. The product can be applied to many different types of cars
With the time going by, Meetion has gradually develops mature management system. The product can be used for video recording
In order to sustain and improve the stability of mechanical keyboard rgb quality, Meetion makes sure the precision of each production procedure. The product is manufactured and designed by a professional R&D team
Meetion Tech Co., LTD achieves product innovation and continuously enhances the core competitiveness in these years. The product is of low power consumption
The comprehensive sales network has helped Meetion to win more customers. The product can be applied to many different types of cars
By treating employees with mutual respect, Meetion staff always provide the best service for customers. The product is more advanced than other peers with a high-performance chip
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