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Agency conditions

Have a certain ability to bear market risks

Establish a business team specialized in MEETION products.

Able to respect and listen to user opinions and give feedback.  

Have certain contacts and business resources in the local city.

Be able to keep an eye on local market trends and make timely adjustments.

Recognize MEETION brand and corporate culture to meet basic investment needs.

Have a certain promotion and marketing ability or be able to formulate a marketing strategy in line with localization

Note: Agent conditions in different countries will be slightly different, please email for details

Franchise Policy

In the future, MEETION will focus on product design and detail improvement, to solve potential pain points in the process of product use for customers, and expect more players to like our products

Provide detailed planning and guidance for store decoration.
Our products have been selling well for many years, and there are corresponding network promotions to push our products to the world.
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Product design, R&D, packaging design and production, we have a dedicated team to do these things, investigate and study the market, collect customer opinions, improve and make better products.
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The headquarters supports agents to participate in local exhibition activities, conduct marketing, and provide corresponding event support.
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Consult the brand manager for the above details.
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Joining Process
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Why work with MEETION?
MEETION has always focused on user experience, constantly developing and improving peripheral products that users like and support, and expecting to become an excellent e-sports peripheral brand in the hearts of users.

Brand story

MEETION was founded in the rising period of the rapid development of the game industry. The goal is not limited to a certain country, but the global market, and the upgrade is user-centered. MEETION does not blindly promote ordinary products to the world, but will make corresponding localized modifications according to different regions to make the products more in line with the habits of consumers.

In the future, MEETION will implement the principle of innovation and non-exclusivity, insist on implementing new technologies, new materials and new functions in products, and bring users a better gaming experience.

MEETION has a modern industrial park of 8000+㎡, a product experience exhibition hall of 150+㎡, a marketing center of 200+㎡, a professional management warehouse of 1000+㎡, and a design, development and marketing team of 20+
MEETION TECH founded in 2013
A modern industrial park
A product experience exhibition hall
A marketing center
A professional management warehouse
A design, development and marketing team
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Branded advantages
professional laboratory testing product life.
ISO quality management system certification, SGS and CE certification.
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Detailed and comprehensive analysis to provide suggestions for improvement.
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Exchange user opinions and jointly innovate products
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Consult the brand manager for the above details.
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Product diversification
It has multiple categories of products such as mouse, keyboard, headset, etc., to meet the needs of users in an all-round way
Different users have different usage preferences and demand standards for products. Our product line covers most of the needs and provides a variety of options.
R & D strength
MEETION has a professional product research and development team of more than 20 people.

From listening to customer opinions to investigating market conditions and then to design revision and release, there are dedicated personnel to operate, continuous innovation, and has obtained a number of patents.
Factory strength
The owned factory covers an area of more than 8,000 square meters and has 6 automated production lines.

We can produce more than 500,000 pieces of computer accessories every month. We also have more than 200 employees, among whom senior technicians account for 40%.
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