Are Membrane Keyboards Bad For Gaming

Are Membrane Keyboards Bad for Gaming? Here's the Truth You Need to Know

When it comes to gaming, a keyboard is one of the most essential tools for any gamer to possess. It is what you will use to control your in-game avatar with, and if it lags, your gameplay suffers. Thus, every gamer must consider investing in the best keyboard to get the most out of their gaming experience. In recent times, however, a particular question has been popping up on gaming forums and among gamers- are membrane keyboards bad for gaming?

We're here to debunk or confirm this age-long belief that membrane keyboards are terrible for gaming. In this article, we'll answer the following questions:

- What is a membrane keyboard?

- How do they work compared to mechanical keyboards?

- Are membrane keyboards bad for gaming?

- What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a membrane keyboard in gaming?

- What are the top membrane keyboards to consider for gaming?

What is a Membrane Keyboard?

A membrane keyboard is a type of keyboard that utilizes rubber or silicone domes to form the keys. When you press the keys, the membrane beneath the key pushes onto a circuit board. The point of contact between the two relays a signal to your computer, allowing it to recognize your keystrokes. Membrane keyboards are generally cheaper than mechanical keyboards, and they come in different styles.

How do they work compared to mechanical keyboards?

Mechanical keyboards use switches that register each keystroke when you press a key. They tend to be more tactile and have a more substantial feel compared to their membrane counterparts. On the other hand, membrane keyboards use a thin rubber membrane that lies between the keycaps and a circuit board, which translates your keystrokes into commands. Membrane keyboards tend to be quieter, less tactile, and less responsive than mechanical keyboards.

Are Membrane Keyboards Bad for Gaming?

The short answer is no. The slight delay you may notice between pressing a key and the command registering on the screen is no longer an issue for most membrane keyboards. Membrane keyboards now register key presses more quickly and accurately than before, and some even include RGB backlighting and programmable keys. Hence, membrane keyboards have come a long way and can now serve adequately for gaming.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of using a Membrane Keyboard in Gaming?


- Membrane keyboards are generally quieter than mechanical keyboards.

- They tend to be less expensive than mechanical keyboards.

- Some membrane keyboards feature programmable keys and RGB backlighting.

- They tend to be more lightweight and portable.


- They tend to be less tactile and responsive than mechanical keyboards.

- Membrane keyboards tend to have shorter lifespans than mechanical keyboards.

- They are not the most durable types of keyboards, and taking them apart for cleaning can be difficult.

What are the Top Membrane Keyboards to consider for Gaming?

Here are some excellent membrane keyboards to consider for gaming:

1. Meetion MT-R556 - This membrane keyboard comes with a unique ergonomic design that provides you with support and comfort in gaming.

2. VicTsing Gaming Keyboard - This keyboard features spill-resistant keys and RGB backlighting, making it excellent for gaming.

3. Logitech G213 Prodigy - This gaming membrane keyboard comes with membrane switches that have been optimized for fast response and superior performance.


While it is true that mechanical keyboards are more tactile, responsive, and last longer than their membrane counterparts, it is no longer true that membrane keyboards are bad for gaming. With technological advancements and OEMs' innovations, membrane keyboards offer a cheap and effective alternative to mechanical keyboards for gaming purposes. However, before buying a membrane keyboard for gaming, consider its lifespan, responsiveness, programmable keys, and personalized gaming experience.

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