Best Gaming Mouse: Factors To Consider

by:Meetion     2020-08-13
Most of the people who only play PC games every now and then do not really need anything more than a normal mouse. However, if you are one of the people who spend many hours a day playing online against other gamers, you are highly recommended to get the best gaming mouse, as this can give you a considerable edge. Moreover, the increased control that you get over the game when you use a professional gaming mouse will also increase the level of fun.
The speed and the precision are two main aspects that make the difference between a normal mouse and a mouse that was designed for gamers especially. The speed of a certain mouse is generally measured by the amount of time between updates, known as response time. The time between the actual state of the mouse and the response on your PC should not be greater than 1 millisecond. On the other hand, the precision is measured in DPI, which should be as high as possible, usually greater than 3,500.
A gaming mouse will either come in the form of a small round mouse that is specially created to be controlled by the user's fingers, or it will be a flatter and more ergonomic mouse that can accommodate the entire palm of your hand. The smaller mice are recommended for people who love to play games that require accurate control for short periods, such as first person shooter games. The flatter mice however are ideal for gamers that are logged for many hours a day, playing addictive games like World of Warcraft.
Next, you will have to decide whether you want a wireless or a corded mouse. Many years ago, wireless mice were thought to be too long in response, which made cabled mice more preferred for gaming. Nevertheless, the wireless technology has significantly improved recently, so today it is actually possible to get a wireless gaming mouse that is as fast cabled mouse. In addition, a wireless mouse gives you a much higher sense of freedom, so you will never feel tied to your computer.
Since gaming mice are always getting banged around pretty often, or at least more than normal mice, the durability is one critical aspect to consider when trying to choose the best gaming mouse. Portability should not be overlooked either, so you might want to also get a carry bag so that you can take your gaming mouse to internet cafes or special gamer events and gatherings.

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