Choosing a Gaming Mouse

by:Meetion     2020-08-07
Pointing and clicking are two of the main physical activities of PC users -especially hardcore gamers, who probably do both at an alarming rate. Gamers need to keep a few things in mind before venturing out to buy a gaming mouse. Having the right mouse is vital for the ultimate gaming experience.
The more sensitive the mouse, the more dots per inch (dpi) it will have. Among other things, such as the number of 'screen shots' the mouse takes per second, the dpi signifies the speed of the pointer with respect to the distance moved by the mouse. One of the mice with the highest sensitivity is the, which has a resolution of 5,700 dpi; The price tag of this generation of computer mice can range from 6,000 to 8,500 rupees. On some high-end computer mice, sensitivity settings can be adjusted according to the game's requirements. Average gamers can go for the Razer Salmosa, which has a 1800 dpi resolution and costs around 2,500 rupees.
Additional buttons and features:
Gaming mice such as the SteelSeries World of Warcraft and Razer Naga have programmable buttons, which can be configured for a large number of in-game commands, making the gameplay much more convenient and fluid. Some additional features in gaming mice include on-the-fly dpi switching for convenient dpi adjustment, and weight tuning for altering mouse-weight to suit one's comfort level.
Some gamers like to hold the mouse with a claw-like grip, others like to hold it so that their palms are resting on the mouse. You should take your grip into consideration before you buy a mouse -keep in mind how you like to hold it. Go for a comparatively smaller mouse if you hold the mouse with a claw-like grip; go for a larger mouse if you hold it otherwise. All in all, buying a gaming mouse should be an informed decision. Today, the coolest gaming mice are feature-packed, weight-adjustable, well-lit and sensitive.
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