Choosing the Best Large Gaming Mouse Pad

by:Meetion     2020-08-16
The typical computer gamer probably has a very nice expensive mouse that more than likely cost them about $100 bucks. Unfortunately most of them are still using a standard mouse pad and even more of them are probably using their desk. That was fine back when we used steel balls in our mice, but now with the introduction of lasers and optics gamers deserve something better. I think it's time to consider upgrading your mouse with an extra large mouse pad.
You may be asking what the advantages are. Well lets look at it. Firstly, you get a giant gaming pad. As a gamer myself I've had many problems trying to keep contained to smaller mouse pads. When your working quickly on the battlefield you shouldn't have to be concerned with keeping your mouse in position. The large mouse pads solve this by providing workspace wide coverage. This means you can put your keyboard and mouse on the pad and still have ample room to scan around.
Another thing the best gaming mouse pads offer is different surfaces. You usually have two or three options. Some of them are heavily textured, which as you might have guess provide exceptional tactile control. Others are made out of tightly weaved cloth fabric which provide a slick sliding surface to move on. Some companies also combine these two and make a hybrid, the best of both worlds.
Extra large mouse pads also offer, as I said before, enough room for your keyboard. This extra support for your keyboard acts as shock absorption. It makes typing more comfortable and helps keep the wear on your keyboard to a minimum. If you're a heavy typer you may notice your desk shakes, well the large desk mats help lessen that affect with the absorption. I was skeptical about that at first, but it does work!
The big pads also are normally made out of cloth which means they are easily transportable. If you attend a lot of LAN parties you will be delighted how easy it is to roll one up and throw it in your back pack. With Frey resistant edges they are definitely durable enough to withstand it.
In conclusion, choosing the best gaming mouse mat can be difficult but you need to pick one that matches your style. Do you want control, speed, or a little of both? I suggest finding your style in an extra large mouse pad for extra comfort and stability!

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