Gaming Headsets

by:Meetion     2020-08-20
When you play games on your laptop are you using the latest and greatest Gaming Headset equipment to win? Most gamers use external speakers or regular headphones when playing, but you should not. You should invest in a good set of Surround Sound Headphones. This will give you an unimaginable advantage over your competition. You will not only know which side the attack is coming from but you will also know at what angle it is coming. From your left front or your right rear, without looking behind you.
The quality of most of the Surround Sound Headphones will also allow you to hear the approach from a greater distance, allowing you be prepare well before the arrival of the perceived calamity. You may not like the lower priced models because the electronics that do all the work are inside the ear pieces and that makes them quite heavy. The higher priced units will have the electronic devices needed to make the sound work in modules that will set on the table next to you.
If you do not know much about the technology of Surround Sound Headphones, we will touch on it a bit here. The better and more costly units have individual drivers for each component of the system. Very similar to an in-home system. Most of these have the components in a modules that sit next to you on the table. This makes the best sound but cuts back on the mobility of the system. Remember there are more than one speaker in each ear piece. There is a middle front speaker called the center speaker, then for side to side there are front speakers that give you the normal stereo sound your accustomed to. There are also two rear speakers for the Surround Sound and then for that rock hard bottom bass sound you have the sub-woofer.
Inside the ear cups you will see (if you take the cover off) the center driver, front driver, surround driver as well as the sub driver. Each one strategically placed to make the sound come from the exact right place. This makes the headphones a little better than the home theater loudspeaker system because of the shield of the ear cups that keeps the ambient noise level down, if not eliminated completely. So the answer to the question, 'Do these Surround Sound Headphones work?' The answer is 'I'll Say They Do! But with the following qualifier, which I have harped on from the start, the headphones are quite heavy. But if this is acceptable, you will have one of the edges you need to meet the challenge of the game. To make the system work with your PC it comes with a multi-channel USB audio adapter. This plugs into your USB port and drives all of the channels. If you go with the high-end headphones you will have the modules to the side and cords, but lighter headphones.
Gamers play to win! That is why you need Surround Sound in your Gaming Headset. If you do not use this technology you do not know where your enemy is. Even if your racing, they will help you know which side is that car that's trying to pass you? You need to get it right!
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