How to Choose Keyboards for Computers

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How to Choose Keyboards for Computers

There are many different types of computers available to consumers nowadays to do different things. Therefore, the types of keyboards have also evolved. Choosing keyboards for computers involves determining what kinds of connections the computers have and deciding what qualities the keyboards must have to form efficient and healthy tools. The following steps will show you how to choose keyboards for computers.

Step 1

Check the Connection on Your Computer.

At the back of the computer, you'll see either a round port, which is a PS2 port, or a rectangle one, which is a USB port. The type of port you have determines the type of connection your keyboard must have to function.

You can also choose a wireless computer keyboard if your computer has Bluetooth capabilities. To find out if it does, go to the control panel on your computer and search for the icon that says "Bluetooth Devices." If you find the icon, you can simply add hardware such as a wireless keyboard by clicking on the "Add" button and following the instructions in the pop-up windows.

Step 2
Determine What Type of Keyboard is Best for Your Purposes.
Standard keyboards, also referred to as "QWERTY" keyboards because those letters are the first 6 on the left on the top row of letters, consist of the letters of the alphabet with the numbers 1 to 0 above them, punctuation symbols, a numeric keypad to the right, and a range of function keys. These keyboards are best for regular computer use that only requires typing and standard shortcuts for computer functions and commands.
Ergonomic computer keyboards are specifically designed to minimize muscle strain and other musculoskeletal problems such as Repetitive Strain Syndrome (RSI) that can be the result of long hours at the keyboard. Their keys are positioned to follow the form of your hands and there's a large pad to support your palms and wrists at the bottom of the keyboard.
Gaming keyboards are like standard keyboards with additional features and functions. They have illuminated keys for playing at night, multimedia keys to adjust the volume, palm rests to minimize the strain on your hands, and shortcuts so you can check mail and do other things while still playing computer games.
Laser or infrared keyboards are still in the beginning phase of development and aren't very user-friendly yet. A small device projects a keyboard onto your desk, and you type directly onto the desk. Though this may be useful once perfected, at this time their usefulness is limited as they don't function as well as standard keyboards.

If you travel a lot, a roll-up keyboard may be useful. This is made of polyurethane or silicone and allows the user to simply roll the keyboard up after each use.

Step 3
Check the Keyboard of Your Choice for A Compatible Connection to Your Computer.
If you want a keyboard that has a different type of connection from your computer, buy an adapter for the ports.

Step 4

Make Sure Your Computer can run the Necessary Software.
When you buy a keyboard, it might come with software you need to install in order to use special function keys. Check that the operating system on your computer meets the software's requirements.

Step 5


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