How to Choose Your Best Gaming Mouse: 5 Secret

by:Meetion     2020-08-15
Fact is, there are many good gaming mice out there. You can throw away your money and get back a fancy mouse. But whether it satisfies your needs or not is debatable.
If you follow these guidelines, you will make the best decision possible. So, let's move on. The following 5 tips are from my own experience, as I'm a gamer as well.
Tip #1: Be clear with your favorite game genre
As you know, we have many types of games, from real-time strategy games, first person shooting, online games to action RPG and more. Whenever you want to buy a new gaming mouse, keep inside your mind your favorite gaming genre.
Because mice are made differently for different games.
If you love FPS games, you might want a mouse with higher resolution (more than 2000dpi), whereas an RTS gamer might not need that.
Tip #2: How much do you have?
Budget is a real problem, especially for gamers who have to spend their own money. I know this because I'm in this exact situation as well.
Prices of gaming mice range hugely, from as little as $20 to hundreds of dollars. Therefore, it depends on your budget that you will have a good mouse or not.
It's almost 100% accurate that the higher the price tag, the better the mouse. If you can afford it, you will have a better investment.
Tip #3: Watch out for your gripping style
Gamers have many different gripping styles. That's why they will feel more comfortable with a particular mouse than others.
Fact it, many gamers make the same mistake that they only pay attention to the price. What they forget to check how that mouse will fit their hands.
If you pay a hundred dollars to get a nice looking mouse but it doesn't fit your hand, then it's a waste.
Tip #4: Does the mouse offer bonuses?
Or it just has basic functions?
I believe that gaming mice nowadays offer many valuable functions and bonuses for gamers. Things like on-the-fly style changes, predefined buttons, good design and more.
So, if you can spend the same amount of money in return of more benefits, why not? Read the product descriptions and you will know.
Tip #5: Wired or wireless?
If you're like other typical gamers, your desk might be a mess full of wires and gears. Many times, it will annoy you more than help you. That's why we have wireless gears.
But do they offer the same quality of accuracy and feedback like wired ones? This is a debatable question. In my experience, they can. But it depends on you, the decision maker.
If you like a clean desktop, choose wireless ones. If you believe that wired gears offer better quality and don't mind doing some house keeping, go with them. It's your choice.
The above 5 tips are great, but there is MORE!

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