Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1

     July 15, 2017, Shenzhen Meetion Tech Co.,

Ltd, Dongguan Keyceo Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, the HUIZHI of the

three brands and then gathered in Shenzhen, jointly held in 2017 outdoor

expansion activities.

     Early in the morning, we early in the company downstairs collection,

when we arrived at the event destination: wolf development training

base, the sky is still under the rain, but this did not affect our

enthusiasm. Under the command of the coach, the whole team, group, pick

the captain, from the team name, draw the team flag, we have shouted

their team's slogan, with full enthusiasm into the next activity.

Grouping is completed, break the gap, adjust the learning attitude, to stimulate enthusiasm and morale.


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 1


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 2


Group round of the game lost, punished do push-ups.


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 3


[Rocket flying] in the competition to

feel the importance of innovative thinking on a team, even if a little

bit of innovation change.


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 4


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 5


[Breathing strength] high quality

communication, reasonable allocation of resources, timely adjustment of

strategic direction.


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 6


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 7


 [Running the universe] (teamwork, win-win).

The photo of beauty of our team.


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 8


Laughter Reveals Team Intelligence1 9


Now that we have chosen the God of rice,

we have chosen the profession and the post, then each of our actions

will directly affect us and influence the team. Because life and work

are made up of countless details, the details determine success or

failure. Burning dead bird Phoenix, want, talent shows itself Jedi, it

must withstand the pressure, loneliness, endure humiliation. So we can

build a brilliant fire.

Xiao Bian often asks himself if there is anything better than yesterday

In fact, we do not live in the work of so many viewers, and if there is

no leadership guidance and encouragement, once we have procrastination,

lazy, how should we do? We need to remember, "without action, laziness

will take root. Without dreams, degeneration will take root. The longer

the roots are, the more difficult it will be to stand up.". Refuse to

procrastinate, refuse to idle, and act as you wish!"

Very lucky to meet in this era, we work together to grow together to

create a career, I hope that the future we can get better and better.


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