Quite Slim Four Modes Combo 1
Quite Slim Four Modes Combo 1

Quite Slim Four Modes Combo

Ingenious Spatial Economy
Aesthetic Sobriety Redefined
Universal Synchronization Protocol


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    Wireless 2.4G Mode + 3 Channels Connection

    A+2 (11)

    Enjoy Extended Reliability without Interruptions

    A+3 (11)

    Efficient and Low Profile Keys

    A+4 (13)
    A+7 (11)
    A+8 (12)

    Ultra-thin Profile

    Designed to be 0.16 inches thick to improve the typing experience, this keyboard has a little bit of weight to it, not a plastic feel.

    Packaging Information

    1* Keyboard 1* Mouse (Can be stored in the mouse box when not in use)

    1* Use Manual 1* Type-C Charging 1* USB-A Receiver

    1* USB-C Adapter (It needs to be plugged into a USB-A receiver and cannot be used alone.)

    Usage Guidelines

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    Quite Slim Four Modes Combo 10
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