Meetion Tech showcases innovative game peripherals at HKEF Autumn Edition
MEETION TECH, a leading professional company specializing in game peripherals and computer accessories, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) in 2023.
2023 09 13
MEETION TECH To Showcase Customizable DIY Gaming Peripherals at IFA 2023
MEETION TECH, a leading company of game peripherals and computer accessories, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming IFA exhibition from 1-5 September 2023.
2023 08 23
Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headsets: Pros and Cons
In this article, we will explore the potential reasons you should consider before investing in a Wired or Wireless Headset for your gaming needs.
2023 08 21
Wired vs Wireless Which Mouse Is Better for Your Gaming Experience
Imagine you are deep into your high-stakes PUBG match. The victory is just a headshot away. You are about to seal the deal, but your mouse cable drags, and you miss your aim! Within a matter of milliseconds, you go from winning to losing.
2023 08 21
Are wireless mice better than wired for FPS gaming
What if your mouse starts stuttering or cannot pick up the rapid swipes on your mousepad? It can bring down statistics for professional gamers, streamers, or online gamers.
2023 08 21
Do Pro Gamers use Wired or Wireless Mouse?
Wireless mice have become extremely fast, and their response rates now match the performance of a wired mouse.
2023 08 21
Wireless Mouse 2023 Productivity, Portability, and Comfort
The advancements in technology have made sensors nearly flawless, and competition in the wireless mouse industry has lowered the price. This article will examine some aspects that make a wireless mouse an ideal choice in 2023.
2023 08 21
How to Connect a Wireless Mouse: Guide for Windows or Mac
This guide will take you step-by-step to connect a wireless mouse seamlessly and provide additional hardware information, making it ideal for professional and casual users. Before we move to the guide, let's look at some tips to understand the section more clearly.
2023 08 08
Are Bluetooth Keyboards Slower than Wired?
Wireless technology is rapidly progressing, and we are already at the point where Bluetooth (BT) can transfer data at 2Mbps.
2023 08 08
Wireless Keyboards 2023: Top Bluetooth and USB Models
If you are a gamer or an office worker who works for hours and hours, having the proper posture and comfort is paramount for increased productivity and focus. It also means lesser fatigue on your typing fingers and wrists with no restriction of movement. You get to enjoy all these when you buy a wireless keyboard.
2023 08 07
Wired vs. wireless gaming mouse: Pros and cons
This article will take you on a journey from why some businesses prefer wired mice, its possible limitations, and the potential pros and cons of having wireless mice.
2023 08 07
Bluetooth vs. 2.4GHz Mouse For Gaming: Which One Is Better?
A gamer must be precise, quick, and accurate to rise above the others as the best player. Winning the battle is not just about skills. It takes proper tools and practices to achieve excellence, and a wireless gaming mouse is undoubtedly a vital tool for gaming.
2023 07 07
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