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Product Overview


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Product Features

The Gaming Keyboard is a high-quality product manufactured using high-quality raw materials, offering exemplary performance without compromising quality.

Product Value

The keyboard features a 60% mechanical design with wireless Bluetooth dual-mode and OUTEMU blue switch for crisp sound and good feedback. It has an ergonomic design that satisfies gamers' pursuit of hand feel and performance, improving operation efficiency and service life. It comes in classic black and white colors, offering customization options such as RGB backlighting, full-key anti-ghosting, and locking Windows key.

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Product Advantages

The product provides value by saving desktop space, meeting the needs of both gamers and office business people. It has a humanity Customized functions and a standard USB cable of 1.8 meters.

Application Scenarios

The advantages of the product include full-keys anti-ghosting for faster and more accurate operation during gaming, classic original design with double injection keycaps for comfortable and durable use, and plug & play functionality without the need for additional software.

The keyboard is suitable for various application scenarios and compatible with different systems such as Win XP/Vista/7/8/10/MAC OS/ iOS/Android/HarmonyOS. It has a Type-C - USB cable and offers two power-saving modes in Bluetooth mode.

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