Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015 1
Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015 1

Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015

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Honeycomb Hollow Design, Lightweight, Replaceable Non-slip Mat
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Product Overview

The Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015 is a lightweight gaming mouse designed for gamers who use a palm or finger grip. It features an ergonomic design with additional space for the ring finger and little finger, providing a comfortable and convenient gaming experience.

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Product Features

The mouse is equipped with a DPI change button that allows users to adjust the mouse movement speed. It also has two side keys for quick and convenient access to additional functions in games. The mouse has a pleasant soft-touch coating and a braided cable that is protected from bending, ensuring durability.

Product Value

The Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015 offers value to gamers through its lightweight honeycomb shell design, replaceable non-slip mat, and adjustable backlight. The ultra-lightweight design makes it convenient to use, while the non-slip mat allows for customization according to personal preferences. The adjustable backlight adds a stylish and beautiful touch to the mouse.

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Product Advantages

The mouse features a 6400 DPI laser sensor, providing precise and accurate tracking. It also has a matte soft-touch plastic finish, ensuring a comfortable grip and preventing slips during intense gaming sessions. The mouse is plug and play, requiring no additional software installation.

Application Scenarios

The Gaming Mouse Supplier MT-GM015 is suitable for various gaming scenarios, including FPS, MMORPG, MOBA, and RTS games. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and MAC OS, making it versatile for different operating systems. The mouse's functionality and design make it a valuable asset for gamers of all levels.

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