Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 1
Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 1

Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand

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Light control button, Pluggable USB cable, Multiple lighting modes.
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Product Overview

The MT-PD120 is a RGB backlit gaming mouse pad that provides an immersive gaming experience. It features high quality high light transmittance plexiglass material with a smooth surface for precise navigation.

Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 2
Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 3

Product Features

The mouse pad has a variety of lighting modes and effects, and the RGB backlight can be freely adjusted. It has a 4mm thick rubber sole at the bottom for anti-skid, ensuring that the mouse stays in place even during intense movements. It is also equipped with a USB cable for easy plug and play.

Product Value

The MT-PD120 enhances the gaming experience with its vibrant RGB lighting and smooth surface. It provides precise navigation and stability, allowing for better control and accuracy during gameplay.

Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 4
Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 5

Product Advantages

The MT-PD120 stands out with its high quality materials, ergonomic design, and customizable lighting options. The anti-skid rubber base and adjustable backlight add convenience and functionality to the product.

Application Scenarios

The MT-PD120 is suitable for all types of gaming scenarios. Whether it's casual gaming or professional eSports competitions, this mouse pad enhances the gaming experience and improves performance.

Hot Mouse Supplier MT-PD120 Brand 6
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