Wired Keyboard Manufacture-3 1
Wired Keyboard Manufacture-3 1

Wired Keyboard Manufacture-3

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Product Overview

The Wired Keyboard is a reliable and well-designed choice for customers.

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Wired Keyboard Manufacture-3 3

Product Features

It has a USB wired design with silent touch buttons and an ergonomic design. The UV printing process ensures durable key characters, and it has a comfortable soft touch coating.

Product Value

The keyboard offers a comfortable user experience, improved operation efficiency, and a longer service life. It is suitable for office, home, outdoor leisure, and entertainment purposes.

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Wired Keyboard Manufacture-3 5

Product Advantages

The keyboard has a mute button design, a fashionable and elegant shape, and a standard full-size keyboard design. The UV process enhances its wear life, and the ergonomic design ensures long-lasting use.

Application Scenarios

The Wired Keyboard is suitable for various office environments, home use, and other related places. It is compatible with different systems and works plug and play, making it convenient and easy to use.

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