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Wireless Mouse Suppliers 1

Wireless Mouse Suppliers

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Product Overview

The wireless mouse suppliers is a well-designed and durable product that is highly regarded in the market for its long service life and stable performance. It is suitable for various applications.

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Product Features

The wireless mouse is compact and easy to carry, with 3 adjustable DPI buttons (up to 1600DPI). It adopts low-power energy-saving technology, automatically sleeps when idle, and has a lightweight design for comfortable use. The mouse comes in 5 color options and has a comfortable soft touch coating.

Product Value

The wireless mouse offers a beautiful appearance, comfortable grip, and ergonomic design that relieves fatigue. It has a 2.4G wireless transmission for an effective working distance of up to 10m. The adjustable DPI switch and excellent battery duration add value to the product.

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Product Advantages

The wireless mouse is plug and play, requiring no additional software installation. It is compatible with USB and can be used with a computer seamlessly. The mouse has a long key life and a wireless distance of 10m. It operates at a rated voltage of 3.7V and a current of 8mA.

Application Scenarios

The wireless mouse is suitable for various scenarios, including office, home, outdoor leisure, and entertainment. It is designed to easily cope with different occasions and create a comfortable environment. The mouse is portable and can be used for business purposes.

Overall, the wireless mouse suppliers product offers a reliable and convenient solution for users in need of a wireless mouse. It combines durability, comfort, and functionality to enhance the user experience.

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