The Gaming Mouse

by:Meetion     2020-08-07
The mouse is a feature for your personal computer that is indispensable. Well maybe indispensable is not quite the correct term however I am sure that you will have a hard time without it especially when it comes to game play.
There are three main types of mice on the market today and they each surpass the last one in technology and performance.
The first type is the ball mouse and this is honestly a piece of technology that is pretty much obsolete. They were top of the shelf around 10 years ago however in current days they are gone so we will not refer to them anymore.
The others are focused around optical and laser technology and they present great tracking and accuracy by the use of their new technology.
Now you also have to consider a few variables such as DPI or dots per inch that will determine what your mouse sees when you move it around at great speeds and it has to be resilient because in average you pound your mouse at least 1000 times or more every hour.
One of the greatest features that the gaming mouse should have is the ability to stay WIRELESS. This will give you the advantage of moving around and you will not be bothered by that pesky wire which is too short for you to move around or keeps pulling the mouse back.
Of course at the end of the day the best choice you could make regarding a gaming mouse is based on your own posture, the way you click, if you are left or right handed and what your basic anatomy is like. If you have wrist pains then you can buy a pad that has a wrist support.
Gaming is great and if you want to make it even greater you can buy a gaming mouse.

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