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When evaluating gaming keyboards, one crucial aspect to consider is the accompanying software program. Nowadays, almost every worthy gaming keyboard is linked to software that enables users to assign functions to shortcut keys, create profiles specific to certain games, and customize the keyboard's lighting. These keyboards go beyond just well-made keys and offer features like macro-command customization, dedicated shortcut keys, in-game statistics tracking, text communication to the keyboard, and even built-in touchscreen displays. Other potential enhancements include rows of dedicated media keys and profile keys for toggling between different sets of keyboard functions catered to specific games. Some gaming keyboards also come with USB pass-through, which allows users to connect other USB peripherals directly to the keyboard, freeing up additional ports on their PC.

One example of a gaming keyboard is a $50 mechanical keyboard with per-key RGB lighting, high-performance Outemu Blue clicky key switches, and software for programming the lights and remapping keys. However, spending more money can get you additional features such as discrete media controls, higher-quality switches and construction, a wrist rest, and more.

The physical element beneath the keycaps, known as the switch, is also an important consideration when choosing a mechanical keyboard. The switch determines how a key is actuated, whether it provides audible or tactile feedback with each press, and more.

The HyperX Alloy Elite is a gaming keyboard that offers up to 16.9 million colors for illumination, with a relatively simple aesthetic while still packing the features expected from a high-quality gaming keyboard. Although it lacks a dedicated macro column, its reasonable price and durable design make up for it.

Selecting the right switch type is arguably the most crucial decision when purchasing a gaming keyboard. Different switch types offer different characteristics, so it's essential to find the one that suits your preferences.

Customization is also a key factor in gaming keyboards. Many keyboards allow users to set up custom profiles for different games, along with customizable lighting patterns to match each game's theme.

One of the best gaming keyboards currently available is the Corsair K70 RGB Mk. It allows users to choose their preferred Cherry MX key switch and program their keys and color patterns to suit their favorite games. This keyboard is not only beautifully designed and comfortable to use but also offers exceptional performance.

SteelSeries gaming keyboards are another option, featuring adjustable multi-platform mechanical keyboards with a customizable OLED Smart Display suitable for all gamers and their various systems. The SteelSeries Apex series is compatible with PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.

The right gaming keyboard can make a significant difference in your gaming experience. When combined with your gaming PC's specifications, it can give you a competitive edge over other players. The right keyboard can enhance your comfort and performance, whether you're a novice or an expert gamer. There are various options available, including mechanical keyboards, small keyboards for gaming, models with RGB lighting, and more.

Roccat has developed a switch called Titan for their mechanical keyboard. It offers a quiet, tactile feel with a well-defined bump when actuated, with no wobble. The shallow keycap and switch design give the keyboard a floating appearance, reminiscent of an island-style keyboard.

The Razer Huntsman Mini, like its larger counterpart, utilizes Razer's optical mechanical switch technology. The Clicky Optical switches are perfect for gaming, requiring a light 45g of force. This premium mechanical gaming keyboard delivers excellent performance and responsiveness.

When it comes to gaming keyboards, Cherry mechanical switches are the most common and recognizable. However, there are also several alternatives available, including upmarket specialist switches. Additional features worth considering include dedicated media controls, macro keys, and the presence of USB and audio passthrough.

Overall, choosing the right gaming keyboard is vital for an enhanced gaming experience. It offers increased comfort, improved performance, and added customization options.

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