What Gaming Mouse Do Pros Use?

What Mice Do Pro Gamers Use?

Gamers regard gaming mice as one of the most essential gaming peripherals in the industry. As the esports industry is booming with an exponential increase in gaming competitions and their prize money, and professional gamers are making much more money than conventional jobs due to streaming platforms and exuberant prizes, the demand for gaming mice is also increasing.

With the increase in demand, gaming mouse wholesale suppliers offer a wide variety of gaming mice, making it hard to choose the right tool for your gaming requirements. It is a fatal mistake made by most people new to gaming. In this blog, we will navigate you through the world of professional gaming mice to enhance your understanding of them, enabling you to acquire a gaming mouse like a pro.


The Mice Professional Gamers Use

Professional gamers set their preference for the choice of weapon, aka gaming mouse, as per their specialization in a specific gaming genre. Usually, a pro gamer specializes in and spends hours in one particular genre to master their field and compete with rivals. Here, we will characterize the gaming mice pros use according to the three major types of games. Let's discuss what features are vital in these genres:

First-Person Shooter (FPS)

Games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Counter-Strike require gamers to be quick, proactive, and precise with their movements. In FPS, unnecessary clicks mean you are dead before you know it. Fast and accurate movement is compulsory for a gaming mouse used for FPS games. Essential characteristics that an FPS gaming mouse should have are:

● Lightweight: offering faster movements

● High DPI settings:  Adjustable high DPI settings, 1600 or above, ensure accurate movement

● Programmable Keys: 5-to 8 programmable keys are a plus, considering you can assign buttons to through grenades, switch weapons, select the weapon of choice, etc.


Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

RTS games like Men of War II, Age of Empire, and StarCraft require more programmable keys to perform different tasks with relatively less emphasis on precision movement. For RTS games, a mouse should consist of:

● Weight: Light weight is essential for using a mouse for an extended time.

● Moderate DPI settings: A DPI setting of between 800-1600 is enough for navigating on the map.

● Programmable Keys: Eight to twelve programmable keys efficiently perform functions like building commands, attack commands, resource management, etc.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Teamwork is essential in MOBA games like DOTA 2 and League of Legends. To support your team, you must perform your actions quickly and swiftly. The user can achieve this easily if the mouse has multiple keys with individual customizable commands. A medium-end gaming mouse is enough for MOBA games.

● Weight: The lighter the weight, the better it is to enjoy strain-free gaming.

● Moderate DPI:  Basic navigation feel can quickly change with DPI settings of 800-1600.

● Programmable Keys: 5-8 Keys are enough to assign essential functions, such as item slots and hero characteristics.


Understanding the Preferences of Pro Gamers

Pro gamers spend an average of 8 to 10 hours playing video games daily; this feat is only possible with ergonomics. From ergonomic gaming chairs to ergonomic mice, gamers spend a lot of money to get these things. Wholesale suppliers of gaming mice have also increased the variety of gaming mice, providing ergonomic solutions to gamers. Although other gaming mouse features still weigh significantly more for gamers, like latency, connectivity, high settings, etc., ergonomics is also becoming popular among gamers. On that note, let’s discuss the preference of pro gamers in a mouse further.


Low latency is the number one priority of any competitive gamer, as any lag will result in a significant disadvantage to the player. Professional gamers target latency below 8 ms, with FPS gamers requiring it to be equal to or below 1 ms.


Seamless connectivity with glitch-free connections supplies a player with an immersive experience without worrying about lagging due to poor connectivity. Generally, wired gaming mice are popular in the gaming industry because of their reliable connection and low lag.

Customizable Buttons

Multiple buttons mean the ability to do different tasks instantaneously. Customizable buttons are popular among gamers playing FPS, MOBA, RTS, and RPG. Users can assign different tasks to various buttons and take action quickly to always be on top of their game.

High Dots Per Inch (DPI)

High DPI settings mean more resolution of cursor movement, which translates to precision mouse movement. FPS players go for high-end gaming mice with extremely high DPI settings, but the gaming community typically considers a DPI setting between 800 and 16000 solid.


With gamers and computer users increasingly aware of their health and wrist angles to avoid injury while using the mouse, ergonomic design is also becoming a key deciding factor when choosing a gaming mouse.

Weight and Durability

Usually, gamers like lightweight mice, as they do not compromise the mouse's built quality. They tend to buy from a brand with good reviews. For games requiring fast motion, such as FPS games, lightweight gaming mice are in high demand, especially those weighing between 70-100g.


The Rise of Wireless Mice in Esports

As you go through the websites of gaming mouse wholesale stores, you will see more wireless gaming mouse options than before. The significant brands now focus on gaming mice. Companies have steadily improved essential features like polling rate, weight, connectivity, and battery life, although achieving this level of performance took time. As brands address these issues and advancements continue, wireless gaming mice will inevitably gain popularity in the gaming industry and become a staple in the setups of many pro gamers. Some avid gamers have already moved to wireless setups, making their gaming setup aesthetically pleasing and tidy without worrying about managing all the cords. In this regard, we would like you to introduce a wireless gaming mouse that will cater to your needs.

 MEETION BTM011 KHAKI: Unmatched value and Precision

What Gaming Mouse Do Pros Use? 1 


● Lightweight 72g

● Customizable pressure Grams

● Low Latency 1ms

● 5+1 Keys with macro programming



MEETION BTM011kHAKI is a unique wireless gaming mouse with state-of-the-art technology, enabling it to be extremely light at 72g, making it suitable for all games. With customizable pressure gram settings and without easy dissembling tools, you can adjust the force required to click as per your gaming needs. Providing stable, seamless wireless connectivity with a very low latency of 1 ms ensures compatibility with all popular games. Bright RGB lighting and unique khaki color make it a perfect aesthetic blend for your gaming setup.



In this blog, we thoroughly investigated professional gamers' need for a perfect weapon while playing a game. We discussed each of the essential characteristics of a gaming mouse to inform you about the potential requirements for your click companion.

Now, you possess a perfect handbook for selecting a gaming mouse. With this knowledge, you can easily navigate all the choices available at the gaming mouse wholesale supplier’s store. If you want to switch to a wireless gaming mouse and enjoy a combo of comfort with performance, we have shortlisted the best budget-friendly mouse available. Wait no further and elevate your gaming experience now.

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