Which Headset to Buy? A Basic Guide to Buying

by:Meetion     2020-07-26
One of the relatively big decisions that recreational gamers eventually have to make is whether or not to further invest more money into a gaming headset. Gaming consoles, and the games themselves are already expensive enough. Then, when you factor in the cost of internet if you didn't already have it, plus the connection service that is sometimes required just to log on, gaming can grow to be a costly hobby very quickly.
However, if you either prefer gaming over most other pursuits that can strain your wallet, have larger amounts of disposable income, or are a bit more serious than the average recreational gamer, then a headset is likely going to be a decision that will garner a fair amount of consideration.
The recreational and serious, or hardcore, gamer alike need to ask themselves some questions when deciding whether or not to purchase a gaming headset. This article will go over the most important points, and the additional factors that should be considered when making a purchase.
The first, and most important question that any consumer, needs to ask before making a purchase, is of course the cost. It doesn't matter if you are a competitive online gamer, or looking to buy a new book, you need to know what you are getting for whatever amount of money you are spending. When it comes to gaming headsets, there are a range of options, and a corresponding range of prices. Paying attention to the features that tend to correspond to a certain price point is key to making the buying experience productive. There are likely to be big differences between headsets averaging $90 and those that average double that amount.
Second, is ease of use. Others may put other factors ahead of this one, but it stands to reason that if you can't use the headset without relative ease, it isn't worth the cost, no matter the price. One headset may have an incredible array of features, but be problematic just to get it set up. If there is more equipment for the headset to work than there is for the computer or console, there may be better choices.
Next would be whether or not the headset is comfortable. In any headset, whether DJ headphones, a gaming headset, or ear buds for an MP3 player, comfort is paramount. Many gamers enjoy logging on for extended sessions on the weekends or free days that can last for hours. If your ears begin aching after thirty minutes forcing you to take your headset off to rest, it deprives you of an improved experience and shortens the session. Looking for a headset that fits comfortably around your ears instead of on your ears is a usually a good decision, and easy information to find out.
Last, but certainly not the least most important point to consider, is sound quality. Many headsets are capable of surround sound, but there is more to consider. Does the headset have noise cancelling capabilities? Some microphones have automatic muting depending on whether it is in the 'up' position. You will also need to decide whether or not there is a big enough difference between 5.1 and 7.1 digital surround sound. Considering that the decision is whether or not to buy a headset, and if you choose to do so, which headset, issues such as sound quality are of great importance. For most, comfort and sound quality are the two most important factors outside of price that go into making a purchase.
Finally, there is the issue of whether or not the headset is compatible with other systems, across multiple platforms and electronic devices. Many gamers have a platform of choice, but may play occasionally on a platform different than what they normally prefer. An example would be an Xbox 360 gamer, who occasionally plays on online game from his PC. If he gets rid of either the Xbox 360 or PC for a Mac or other console, he would want to know if his new headset would still work with the new platform. Also, some headsets are easy to use with TVs, Blu Ray and DVD players. Being able to use a headset for more than just gaming essentially allows you to amortize the cost, and narrows down worthwhile options.
There are other factors that may be considered when purchasing a new gaming headset, but these are the big ones that should be answered first. Each buyer will have certain buying points they are willing to compromise on, but in the end, this should serve as a basic guide for your future buying needs.

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