Why Do Gamers Prefer Wired Mouse?

When it comes to competitive gaming, every accessory should complement your gaming ability, and any hindrance is simply unacceptable! In the modern gaming world, every click counts, and even the slightest delay in motion can significantly disadvantage your gameplay. Selecting a mouse is no different; it is as essential as choosing a processor for your gaming PC.

Is technology improving with every passing day? Then why does the gaming community agree on using a wired gaming mouse? This blog will explore all the critical aspects a gamer weighs in before deciding which type of mouse he requires.


Why do Gamers prefer Wired Mouse?

Understanding the preference for wired gaming mouse setups over wireless setups can be achieved by factually comparing the key deciding features.



A stable and reliable connection is one of the first things that come to mind while picking a gaming mouse because connectivity issues are the last thing you want to face in battle. Wireless devices use a receiver or a Bluetooth connection, which remains prone to external interference, especially in the presence of other wireless devices, causing unnecessary glitches in motion and a fatal disruption in gameplay. On the other hand, a wired gaming mouse eliminates interference issues, providing uninterrupted connectivity throughout.



For a gamer, performance translates to low lag and latency of the device with a high polling rate, adjustable DPI, and customizable mice, which can be bent to the user's will. Typically, gaming mouse wired configuration provides a very low latency of 1ms or less and high DPI sensitivity with adjustable settings and built-in software to customize settings. At the same time, their wireless counterparts have relatively higher latency of around 16-24ms without including connectivity delays, proving to be a significant turn-off for avid gamers.

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An average gamer spends a minimum of 6 to 10 hours a day on gaming to practice and improve gameplay; this can only be possible in the long run if a person remains injury-free and mouse-induced stresses remain minimal. With ergonomics, another key ingredient in the mix is the device's weight; heavier devices naturally mean more fatigue. Generally, a wired gaming mouse is lighter, with an average weight of around 80-100g. In contrast, wireless gaming mice, due to the inclusion of additional components and batteries, are generally much heavier.


Range and Surface Area

One aspect in which gaming mouse wired setups lag behind wireless gaming mice is the range from which you can connect to the device without getting your system messy. A wireless gaming mouse typically ranges about 10m, while wired connections are generally 1.5-2 m long. Here, wireless mice have a clear edge due to the more extended range and more surface area coverage, but with greater distance comes more connectivity issues, so there is a trade-off between comfort and performance.



Convenience is a relative term that can be defined differently for different individuals. Suppose you don’t want to spend time managing cables and enjoy your setup to look clean without compromising aesthetics. In that case, a wireless gaming mouse can provide you with your desired convenience. Conversely, suppose you want to enjoy your gaming session without worrying about recharging/ replacing batteries and connectivity issues, allowing you to immerse yourself even more in the gaming experience. In that case, a wired gaming mouse is a more convenient option for you.



With additional components and advanced technology to cope with lag and latency issues in wireless gaming mice to be competitive with wired gaming mice, wireless devices will always be more expensive than gaming mouse wired configuration. A wired gaming mouse can range between $14-40, while high-end wired gaming mice can cost up to $80 or more, whereas a wireless gaming mouse with the exact specification can be about 2 to 3 times more expensive and still may not provide the same polling rates as wired gaming mice.

Why Do Gamers Prefer Wired Mouse? 2 


Benefits of Finding the Right Peripherals

If you are into FPS games, battle royal MMO games, or even sports games, getting the devices suited for your gaming setup can be the best weapon in your arsenal. To boost your gaming ability, you should never compromise on performance for the reasons we have listed below:


Faster Response Time for Competitive Gaming

Suppose you are a competitive gamer and engage in online FPS or MMO games. A suitable hardware input device is necessary to eliminate any possible lag and provide an optimal response. A delay of even 1 or 2 ms can prevent you from hitting the target or being wasted in the game. A good wired gaming mouse provides the solution to ensure you always remain on top of your game.


Smoother Movements without Glitches

Smooth movements are helpful, especially in FPS and Battle Royal games, where your aim must be precise and effective. If you are a sniper lover, high DPI settings will help you aim better, giving you a significant edge over your rival. Both wired gaming mice and wireless gaming mice come with adjustable DPI settings with designated buttons so that you can adjust settings as per your needs, and this is a must-consider factor while choosing the tool for your gaming setup.


Long Lasting Performance

Robust hardware designed for millions of clicks with the functions above will enhance your performance as it will replace any worry about replacing your device shortly, making it the best investment you have made to upgrade your gaming setup. Wired gaming mice are known for their longevity and rough and rugged nature of use, but wireless devices are also catching up to it. The only drawback that comes with wireless devices is the need to recharge or replace batteries, and extra components mean possibly more need for maintenance.


Better Muscle Memory

A device with long-lasting and smooth performance with aesthetics and ergonomic design will become an extension of your arm and make movement so natural that they don’t even have to think about it. Using a mouse that feels natural to your hand will increase your gaming ability to an extent you have not imagined before. It is why competitive gamers research and choose their gaming mouse, wired or wireless, with extra caution, as it is one of the most important weapons at their disposal while playing games with their rivals.


Are gaming mice worth it?

As you have borne with us, you have your answer to this question. Gaming mice are more expensive than ordinary mice, but their performance and functions greatly outweigh the price. If you want to boost your gaming setup with a gaming mouse and narrow down or even gain an edge over your competitor, then a gaming mouse is necessary.

Choosing a wired gaming mouse or a wireless gaming mouse depends on your needs. If you just want to enjoy gaming after a long day at work in the comfort of your bed or a sofa, then a wireless gaming mouse is a good buy, considering it will provide the comfort you desire. But a gaming mouse-wired setup is the right choice for avid gamers who want to maintain performance and avoid lagging at any cost.

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