Why Do Gamers Use Wired Keyboards?

Passionate gamers need high-tech gear to stay on top of their game. A little while ago, gamers didn't have a choice between wireless or wired gaming keyboards. The gaming landscape has changed; wireless devices can go head-to-head with wired keyboards. Despite the increase in performance, gamers are still sticking to wired keyboards. Why? Let's find out in this blog.

We will examine why gamers require a wired gaming keyboard and how these keyboards stand firm against wireless keyboards.


1. Why Go Wired with a Gaming Keyboard?

There are many reasons to go wired. Professional gamers need accuracy, performance, and reliability. Wired keyboards provide the necessary features to ensure no hiccups while gaming. Here are the top reasons to go wired:


1.1. Performance-Driven Choice: Uncompromised Speed & Reliability

Being a casual gamer using a controller does not require super-sonic response times. First-person shooter (FPS), multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), and battle royale are some competitive genres on PC. These games can become intense.


● Lightning-Fast Response Times: No Latency, No Excuses

There is no doubt that wired gaming keyboards are fast. The computer registers the key as soon as the user presses the key. There is no latency, giving gamers a competitive edge over others. Practicing high-response rate equipment is best for building muscle memory and training senses.


● Consistent Performance Under Pressure: No More Dropped Inputs

Imagine being in a situation where you need your keyboard to move your character immediately. However, you miss the moment, causing you to lose a match. It is highly probable to face such situations with a wireless keyboard. They are susceptible to interferences and signal drops. Wired keyboards eliminate such problems and ensure you always work your way in gaming.


● Anti-Ghosting Technology: Every Keystroke Registers

The ability of the keyboard to register multiple keystrokes simultaneously is anit-ghosting. Gamers often intermix the term NKRO (n-Key Roll Over). Anti-ghosting means there are a certain number of keys, after which the keyboard will ghost keypresses. In comparison, NKRO allows infinite simultaneous keystrokes. Wired mechanical gaming keyboards come with anti-ghosting or NKRO technology.


1.2. Beyond Performance: Customization & Durability

Wired keyboards come with more features than a wireless keyboard. They are highly customizable. Gamers prefer keyboards with RGB lighting customization and programmable buttons for flexibility. Here are some of the customization and durability features of a wired keyboard:


● Built to Last: No Charging or Battery Replacement

A wireless keyboard with RGB will consume the battery rapidly. It will lead to frequent charging or battery replacement. The keyboard will mostly remain plugged into charging. Meanwhile, there is no need to charge a wired keyboard. It's continuously powered and functional, even during intense gaming moments. A wired gaming keyboard has higher reliability compared to a wireless keyboard.


● Unlock Customization Freedom: Macro Keys, Programmable Functions

Office keyboards will significantly differ in customization ability compared to wired gaming keyboards. Macro keys in wired gaming keyboards are programmable. Users can program one macro key to perform a combination of keystrokes. It enables gamers to execute complex maneuvers with a single tap on a macro key.


● Wide Variety of Options: Find Your Perfect Fit

Wired gaming keyboards have one thing in common: they have a variety of options. Some gamers may prefer a keyboard with minimalists. In comparison, users with a knick for RGB feel an inclination towards a full-size keyboard with customizable keycaps. There is a gaming keyboard available for everybody's taste.


1.3. Deciding Factor for Competitive Gamers: Wired Wins Every Time

We know that wired gaming keyboards come with various options and programmable functions. Let's see what the best use scenarios for such keyboards are:


1.3.1. E-Sports & Professional Play: Latency Matters Most

The conditions of Esports gaming are vicious. Gamers need to keep their nerves calm and remain in their senses. It is easy to lose control with a substandard keyboard. Wired gaming keyboards are the only reliable option in such settings. They provide the necessary performance for intense e-sports and professional gaming. There are no latency issues or battery charging problems with wired keyboards.


1.3.2. Tournaments & Competitive Matches: Wired Reigns Supreme

Imagine being in a competitive environment where you are about to make the winning move, and your keyboard glitches. The performance of a keyboard can be the decisive factor between winning and losing. A mechanical gaming keyboard can provide a response time of 1 ms. In contrast, a membrane wireless keyboard can respond in 10-20ms. The difference is enormous for competitive matches. There is no better choice than a wired gaming keyboard.


2. How Do You Find The Perfect Wired Gaming Keyboard?

Finding the perfect wired gaming keyboard for your setup requires knowledge. This section will give you the necessary expertise to make a well-informed decision. So let's have a look:


● Switch Type: Mechanical vs. Membrane

There are two main categories of wired keyboards. We have put both types to the test. The wired mechanical keyboard takes the crown with its excellent response times and reliable operation. The actuation force of a mechanical keyboard has a higher range between 40-100gms. Providing better selection ranges for gamers. A mechanical keyboard's 20-50M keystroke life surpasses the 5-10M keystrokes of membrane keyboards.


Overall, wired mechanical gaming keyboards are the best choice for any gamer.


● Layout & Size: Full-Size, TKL, 60%

The size of the keyboard directly affects the ergonomics of gaming. A small 60% wired gaming keyboard allows more space for mouse movement. In gaming, mice with higher sensitivity are usually the first choice of gamers. The best setting for accuracy is significant mouse movement, translating to slight cursor movement.


A 60% keyboard layout is best for competitive gamers. However, streamers would prefer TKL and casual gamers to go full-size.


● RGB Lighting & Aesthetics

If you are a big fan of aesthetics, RGB lighting should be a concern. 16.7 million color combinations of RGB are standard in wired gaming keyboards. The cost of such keyboards is generally high due to the transparent mechanical key switches required for good lighting.


● Additional Features: Media Keys, Macro Keys, Palm Rest

Gamers who require frequent combination keystrokes should look for a macro key programming feature on their next keyboard. A user preferring a TKL or Full-size keyboard can also look for the media keys and palm rest for better ergonomics and convenience.


3. The Best Wired Keyboards for Gaming in 2024

There are so many choices when it comes to gaming hardware. Wired keyboards are all the rage in modern gaming setups. So, let's divide them into categories and mention the best keyboard in each category:


Best Overall Wired Keyboard



Why Do Gamers Use Wired Keyboards? 1 

Key Features:

● 60% Keyboard Layout Best for Gaming

● Powerful Feedback with OUTEMU Blue Switches

● Double-Shot PBT Caps

● 12 Multimedia Keys and nKRO Feature


Best Wired Keyboard for Competitive Gaming


Razer Huntsman Mini

Why Do Gamers Use Wired Keyboards? 2 

Key Features:

● Side Printed Secondary Function Keycaps

● Aluminum Construction

● Game Sync with Razer Chroma RGB

● Detachable Type-C Cable


Best Budget Wired Keyboard

Dual Mode Bluetooth 60% Gaming Keyboard (MK005BT)

Why Do Gamers Use Wired Keyboards? 3 

Key Features:

● Wireless and Wired Combo (BT or Type-C)

● 1.8m Detachable USB Cable

● 30min Idle to Sleep Battery Saving

● Sturdy Build with 555±5g Weight


4. Conclusion: Wired Reigns Supreme for Serious Gamers

Gamers prefer wired gaming keyboards for a perfect reason. They provide excellent response times, reliability, connectivity, and customization. Wireless keyboards need charging, leading to downtime in critical gaming conditions. On the other hand, a membrane keyboard has a low response time and lifecycle.


The drawbacks of wireless and membrane keyboards leave only one choice for professional and competitive games: Wired Mechanical Keyboard. Brands like MEETION and Razer have 60% keyboard options. MK005BT takes it further by providing wired and wireless technologies for its users, combining the best of both worlds. So why wait? Get the best-wired gaming keyboard for your gaming setup today!

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