Why Gamers Like RGB: The Pros, Cons and Alternatives

Gaming setups are no longer just dull sets of keyboard and mouse. Gamers want their setup to be Instagram-worthy, and it comes with adding RGB. Red-Green-Blue (RGB) is now available in PC cases, motherboards, keyboards, mice, gaming tables, and monitors. So you can have a mini rave of extravagant strobing lights in a custom-picked pattern at your fingertips. Modern RGB goes beyond just lighting. It has benefits that enhance gameplay and reduce eye strain. In addition, the custom lighting can tailor the game's mood. There is hardly any new hardware that doesn't feature or support RGB.


Why do gamers like RGB?

RGB lighting can motivate anyone to start using their computer setup. A dark room with subtle lighting creates an appealing atmosphere that excites anyone to get in a gaming chair and mash those RGB keyboard buttons. Gamers use them to their advantage in many ways. Everything from game immersion to visual cues improves their performance in fast-paced games. In addition, gamers prefer hardware with lighting to create a custom space that matches the surrounding. There are pros and cons to using an RGB-based product. We have compiled a list for our readers to help them decide if an RGB keyboard or any other product suits their setup.


Why Gamers Like RGB: The Pros, Cons and Alternatives 1

Pros of Using an RGB Keyboard for Gaming

Here are some of the many advantages that compel gamers to choose RGB:

Enhances Gaming Performance: Keyboards, mice, and monitors provide visual cues through RGB light to enhance gaming performance. As an example, health is indicated through a monitor glowing the wall behind it in red, yellow, and green colors. Keyboards with individually addressable RGB can have different keys in different colors for different in-game weapons. In addition, a mouse light can indicate a selected DPI, which is critical in shooting games.

Immersion: Have you seen a Playstation controller with red and blue emergency lights when being chased by police in Grand Theft Auto? Yes, it was first introduced in computers. Every component of your PC with RGB will start lighting up with strobe lights that indicate gaming status. Additionally, when you are in your last 10% health, every gadget you own will start glowing red with a heartbeat pattern. It's indeed an experience that gamers desire.

Customization: The ability to customize patterns and colors was introduced as soon as RGB. It lets you control lighting brightness, pattern, frequency, delay, etc. However, retaining the customization required some memory which was incorporated later on. Even to-date devices sometimes don't feature pattern or color storage memory. Instead, they are usually synced with operating system software and rely on connection. Gamers can set their environment concerning mood. For example, calmer and slow-cycling color patterns can be set during office work. If you are a streamer matching your setup with your T-shirt can also provide visual candy for the viewers. 

Aesthetics: RGB lighting can enhance the aesthetics of a gaming setup by creating an immersive and visually appealing atmosphere. A 60% keyboard like the MEETION MK005 looks clean and has just the right amount of RGB for enhanced game setup. This can create a more engaging and enjoyable gaming experience. Streamers use RGB to their advantage by ensuring that each device has lighting. From mouse, keyboard, microphone, headset, graphics card, RAM, CPU cooler, and monitor. You name it. Depending on the game stream, the user can choose vibrant or dull colors to match the mood.

Improved Visibility: RGB lighting can improve visibility in low-light conditions in a dark room environment. A professional keyboard like the MEETION MK007 PRO with double shot PBT keycaps with backlighting and a mouse with RGB are easier to spot. They also provide a little background light to reduce eye strain caused by a bright monitor screen.

Synchronization: Gaming motherboards come with specialized syncing technologies that allow all the hardware to act as one. In addition, they come with software that lets us sync each device with games to enhance immersion indicating in-game events. Specialized hubs and eco-system by brands are in the market for a homogenized look.

Brighten up Your Day: On those days when you're feeling down, the last thing you want is to be in a dimly lit room with dull colors. RGB lighting featured on high-end keyboards and mouse has the power to turn that frown upside down. Imagine a bright room with vibrant lights glowing in your favorite colors. It will lift your mood and give you the right mindset to play your best.

Why Gamers Like RGB: The Pros, Cons and Alternatives 2


Cons of Using an RGB Keyboard for Gaming

While there are tremendous advantages of having RGB incorporated into your gaming gear, there are some minor disadvantages that some users feel:

Distraction: For professional gamers, RGB lighting can cause distraction. Focus is vital in high-intensity gaming, and practicing in the best environment leads to better results. A pro gamer will prefer having no RGB and a lightly lit room to reduce eye strain. They look for precision and accuracy in their products than aesthetics.

Eye Strain: Under meager light conditions, RGB can cause eye strain with its patterns and brightness. It could cause fatigue and lead to lower gaming performance. If you are planning to run long streams, having a room well-lit is better to avoid such health issues.

Cost: The additional cost of RGB can make some products go out of users' range. If someone with a tight budget decides to go for RGB, they might not be able to buy a single brand's eco-system.

Limited Compatibility: There are instances when one brand of product RGB lighting won't sync with a motherboard—leading all the products to go out of sync. It is a significant issue and disrupts the experience that RGB is meant to provide.

Environmental Impact: As the world is going green, RGB lighting is causing harm to the environment. However, its impact may be insignificant, but it is accountable. For example, LED lights contain hazardous materials such as lead and mercury, which can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Additionally, excessive energy use for lighting can contribute to carbon emissions and global warming.

Pros Cons
Enhances gaming performance  Distraction
Immersion  Eye strain
Customization  Cost
Aesthetics  Limited compatibility
Improved visibility  Environmental impact
Brighten up your day  


Alternatives to RGB: While RGB lighting has become a popular choice for gaming setups, there are some alternatives that gamers can consider:

LED Strips: Enhancing the backlight of a gaming setup can be achieved using LED strips. They are a popular alternative to RGB lighting. They are flexible diffuser strips with LEDs mounted at a fixed distance. They can be programmed to emit colors, patterns, and effects with a controller.

Ambient Lighting: Use diffuser lights to brighten the dark surroundings. It will make your gaming setup glow better. It is achieved by using light bulbs and lamps. Professional YouTubers and Streamers use ambient lighting to create depth in their camera visuals and make their devices stand out.

UV Lighting: A unique effect can be created using UV lighting. As it can make specific colors and surfaces pop. Gamers use white equipment with UV glow light to highlight their components and create an effect destined to turn heads. Fluorescent bulbs and LEDs emit UV light. It's up to the user to decide what suits them best.

Neon Lighting: Neon is popular in the automotive industry. A smooth and homogenous glow is achieved by filling a glass tube with neon gas which can be bent to form shapes and designs. Gamers make custom logos or apply them on the edge of their equipment to make them stand out.



In conclusion, we recommend starting with the devices that are the backbone of the complete RGB setup. Buy a high-end motherboard with syncing capability, enough USB ports, and a powerful VRM. It will provide stable power to all the peripherals with RGB and make them sync with its software. Alternatively, you can go for a wireless device like the MEETION MK005BT, which has an independent battery and does not draw power from the motherboard unless it is charging. RGB can distract a user, while the same user could require it under certain circumstances. Therefore, ensuring the RGB-based equipment can turn off the lighting is always good. Consider all the pros and cons before making a decision.

Why Gamers Like RGB: The Pros, Cons and Alternatives 3


Q: What Are RGB Lights?

If you are new to lightning, RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. The invention of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) led gaming product manufacturers to incorporate them into their devices. The three fundamental colors can combine to provide 16 million colors. Its application is not restricted to computer-related devices. Home, commercial, and stage lighting also utilize RGB. Adding a controller to the LEDs allows control over brightness, color, and pattern. Some devices can have several LEDs but cannot be individually addressed. However, modern devices allow addressing individual LEDs to create visually stunning patterns.


Q: Which RGB Lights are best for gaming?

A: The best RGB gaming lights offer high brightness and a wide range of colors. LED strips, light bars, and light panels are popular options that can be easily installed and controlled via software or remote. In addition, brands like Philips Hue, Corsair, and NZXT offer high-quality RGB lighting products designed for gaming setups.


Q: Can RGB Lights in Your Room Increase Heat?

A: RGB lights, unlike fluorescent bulbs, do not produce enough heat to increase the heat inside a room. The heating effect of an RGB light is negligible. The amount of electricity consumed to light a mouse is around 3W, which is insignificant. A typical RGB lighting strip consumes 1.6 watts per ft.


Q: Is RGB good for gaming?

A: RGB can enhance game immersion, reduce eye strain, enhance accuracy, provide aesthetics, and enhance gameplay. Overall having equipment with RGB capability is a positive point. Under certain conditions, when RGB is not required, the user can turn it off. Investing in products with high-quality and sync-capable RGB systems is good.


Q: Does RGB make you a better gamer?

A: For casual gamers, RGB can do wonders. Increasing the gaming immersion engages the user for longer hours. Streamers use them for gathering views as they make the setup aesthetically pleasing. Pro gamers utilize RGB to specify in-game actions and conditions to make responses easier. It can make you a better gamer.


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