Wireless Mouse For Notebooks - Three Reasons Why

If you just recently purchased a new notebook, and are excited about the purchase, and want to make the best possible use of your new notebook, then you have landed on the right page. You will find out here three reasons why your first accessory that you buy for your new computer should be a wireless mouse for notebook. Why? With it, you will be able to dramatically increase your productivity and you will be able to enjoy your notebook much more.

The three reasons why you need a wireless mouse for your notebook are: Awkward thumb or pointing finger navigation, Precision, and Gaming. Let's look into all three.

Awkward thumb or pointing finger navigation via the touchpad

If you are like me, having a fat thumb, or even if not, you probably realized that your thumb is not an ideal device for interacting with the touchpad. Thumb is just too thick, and hard to navigate. The pointing finger is better, but not by that much. In addition, some touchpads are designed to simply be a part of the top bezel, and only differ from the rest of the bezel by a series of small bumps sticking out to indicate where the touchpad lies. A touchpad like that takes a long time to get used to, at least for me.


Nothing beats the precision in mouse pointing that you can achieve through using a small wireless mouse for notebooks right next to your computer. The reason is that the wireless mouse acts as a more steady object than a thumb or a finger. There are well known graphics designers who claim that a small notebook mouse can provide for the best experience. Perhaps that is because they are accustomed to a pen or a pencil and holding a small wireless notebook mouse provides for a very similar experience.

To achieve maximum precision, you need to get a maximum DPI mouse. DPI stands for 'dots per inch' and DPI determines the resolution and the precision of the mouse.


The gaming situation with the mouse is just the opposite. You would want to avoid high resolution mice as the 'name of the game' (pun intended) in gaming is speed of the mouse, not precision so much. So a low DPI, dots per inch, mice will be usable in a gaming situation where quick movements are necessary.

Of course, for serious gaming, the correct choice of the wireless mouse is important. Another reason for getting a dedicated wireless gaming mouse for notebook is that the mouse might get severely abused due to high speed movements. You really don't want to tap strongly on the touchpad risking the damage to the notebook's hard drive! And an expensive repair bill! You can afford to give a little more abuse to the mouse. Modern optical wireless mice for netbooks have no moving parts other than the wheel and the mouse buttons.

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There are different types of , mainly 6d optical mouse and ambidextrous gaming mouse.

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