Computer Mice - Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, Wired

Are you still deciding whether to select a wireless, Bluetooth, or wired mouse? There are tons of options to choose from in each category. So, which one is best for you? This article will focus on guiding our readers into making a well-informed decision. Whether you are a gamer, corporate employee, content creator, or business owner, you will find value in this article.

There are gaming, ergonomic, office, and trackball mice in terms of purpose. 2.4GHz, Bluetooth (BT), and Wired mouse are other categories based on connectivity. All of them have their unique purpose. We will discuss which one is best for you. Continue reading for more information!


1. Computer Mice: Wireless vs. Bluetooth vs. Wired

Let's address the main topic of the article. This section will explore the best computer mouse based on connectivity.


1.1. Wireless Computer Mouse: Best for Movement

Whether moving the mouse on a mouse pad or carrying it in your bag, wireless mice are the best choice. Wireless mice are highly portable and have a better shape due to their wireless design. The main difference between a wireless 2.4GHz mouse and a BT mouse is the need for a dedicated USB dongle.


Wireless 2.4GHz mice are faster and have better responses compared to BT mice. Their only drawback is the requirement of a USB port. Users will have to dedicate a single USB port for the dongle. Here are the pros and cons of a wireless mouse in a table:


PROS of Wireless Mouse

CONS of Wireless Mouse

✔   1ms Fast Response Times

⛒   Consumes More Battery

✔   Works with PCs without Bluetooth

⛒   Requires a USB Port

✔   Reliable Connection



1.2. Bluetooth Wireless Mouse: Better Battery Life

If you aim to avoid replacing the battery or charging your wireless mouse all the time, then Bluetooth wireless mice are a better choice. They feature technologies like Bluetooth LE (Low Energy), which allows for extended operation by consuming less battery.


A typical Bluetooth mouse can last 6-12 months on a single charge. Depending on usage frequency and device switching. Bluetooth mouse can connect to multiple devices, allowing switching between devices seamlessly.


PROS of BT Mouse

CONS of BT Mouse

✔   Better Battery with Low Energy Tech

⛒   Latency Issues

✔   Multiple Device Connectivity

⛒   More Susceptible to Interference

✔   No USB Port Requirement



1.3. Wired Mouse: Reliability and Performance

If you need reliability and speed at a price that doesn't break the bank, go for the wired mouse. It performs best, and users don't have to worry about the battery. Gamers, content creators, and office workers still prefer wired mice. A 2022 survey by TechRadar indicates that 35% of office workers still prefer wired mice.

Wired mice are budget-friendly and come in tons of variety. Here are the reasons to consider or skip buying a wired computer mouse:

PROS of Wireless Mouse

CONS of Wireless Mouse

✔   Budget Friendly

⛒   Cable Management Issues

✔   Reliable Power Operation

⛒   Requires a USB Port

✔   Extremely Low Latency

⛒   Wire Drag in Movement

✔   Time Tested Technology



2. Choosing a Computer Mouse Based on Purpose

There are loads of factors that can lead to a specific mouse type. Here are some of the reasons that we mentioned earlier


2.1. Gaming - Wired Mouse

Gamers need a fast response time and reliable connection, making a wired mouse the best computer mouse. There is no interference in a wired mouse connection. A competitive gamer cannot afford battery charge dying at intense in-game moments. Professional and competitive gamers prefer a wired mouse.


Casual gamers can use a 2.4GHz mouse with a 1000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time. Some mice can reach hyperpolling rates, mimicking a wired mouse's performance. Overall, the wired mouse is a better choice for gaming.


2.2. Corporate Work - BT Mouse

Corporate workers ' usage scenarios are scrolling through documents, maintaining spreadsheets, and browsing the web. There is no need for a low-latency mouse performance. Most modern desktop and laptop PCs come with a Bluetooth adapter. It enables users to connect their mouse to any device they pair with.


Bluetooth is the best computer mouse for corporate users as it lasts longer. They do not interfere with the workflow.


2.3. Content Creation - BT Mouse

Editing videos, producing audio, drawing art, or simply making memes is what content creators do. They need a mouse that is convenient and provides versatility. A Bluetooth mouse can fulfill such a need. They last longer for a longer duration, ensuring that there are no disruptions.


3. Best Mouse For Computers

Let's divide the categories of mice based on their usage scenario and enlist the best mouse in each category:


3.1. Best Gaming Mouse for Reliability



Computer Mice - Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, Wired 1

Top Features:

● 12000 DPI Sensor Resolution

● Low Friction and Light Weight Braided Cable

● 1000Hz Polling Rate

● Suitable FPS / MMORPG / MOBA / RTS Games


3.2. Best Mouse for Corporate Work


Logitech MX MASTER 3S - Bluetooth & 2.4GHz

Computer Mice - Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, Wired 2 

Top Features:

● 90% Less Noise Quiet Click

● Works on Glass with 8000 DPI

● Silent Electromagnetic Scroll

● Last 70 Days on a Single Charge


3.4. Best Ergonomic Mouse for Long Working Hours


MEETION Ergonomic Wireless Mouse (BTM010R) - 2.4GHz and Bluetooth

Computer Mice - Wireless Mouse, Bluetooth, Wired 3 

Top Features:

● Natural Hand Position

● 2.4G USB-A + Type-C Adapter & Bluetooth 5.2

● 700mAh Battery for Long Lasting Performance

● Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android


4. Conclusion

Selecting the best computer mouse can be a difficult decision. Let's summarize the complete blog to develop a better understanding. First, decide the purpose and scenarios for using the mouse. If you are a gamer, then go for a wired gaming mouse. A corporate or business user should prefer a Bluetooth mouse due to its versatility. Content creators can go for an ergonomic mouse that helps alleviate joint stresses.

Overall, the choice depends on the user. A casual gamer may prefer an ergonomic mouse for long gaming sessions, or a corporate user may still choose a wired mouse for reliability. The blog aims to give our readers the maximum knowledge to make informed decisions.

Consider checking out the MEETION mouse lineup in the gaming and office categories. So why wait? Buy your best computer mouse today!

The Ultimate Showdown: Wired vs Wireless Mouse
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