Do Ergonomic Keyboards Really Help?

Are you concerned that constant breaks from work are causing a significant loss to your business? Are your employees regularly taking medical leaves due to increased shoulder, wrist, and back injuries, and changing chairs did not solve the problem? Well, you may be looking at the solution in the wrong direction. Answers to all these questions might lie in an ergonomic keyboard. It may be the perfect time to contact an ergonomic keyboard supplier to get a wholesale deal for an ergonomic keyboard.

In this blog, we will educate you on how an ergonomic keyboard helps you and how it will solve most of your problems. We will go through:

● Types and Benefits of Ergonomic Keyboards

● How ergonomic keyboards help posture and prevent injury

● Are ergonomic keyboards a sustainable solution?


The Benefits Of Using An Ergonomic Keyboard

As the field of ergonomics is getting its due importance in the IT industry, many scientific journals are also advocating for ergonomic keyboards since manufacturers develop them with the mechanics and curvature of the human body in mind. With regular keyboards, doctors recommend taking a short break after 30 minutes to minimize the risk of injury. Still, ergonomic keyboards remove this need as you can type for long hours without taking breaks. Hence, an increase in efficiency and productivity is guaranteed.

It also helps maintain a neutral posture and provides comfort, as it often comes with a cushioned palm rest, adjustable height, and a more comprehensive design. You can check out the ergonomic keyboard wholesale supplier’s website and find these features in most keyboards.


Do Ergonomic Keyboards Help With Wrist And Shoulder Pain?

Common complaints among computer users who are required to spend hours typing or programming are


● Wrist pain due to hand positioning

● Shoulder pain due to rounded shoulders

● Back pain to hunch back posture while working

 Do Ergonomic Keyboards Really Help? 1


Ergonomic keyboards carter to above health-related problems through the following features

● Elevated palm rests are more expansive, and wider keyboards make wrist position neutral and prevent RSI (Repetitive stress injury) or carpal tunnel syndrome.

● The wide style of keyboards matching your shoulder width prevents you from rounding the shoulder and reduces the risk of shoulder injury.

● Since you are not rounding your shoulders, and the comfort of the ergonomic keyboard keeps you from bending your back forward, you avoid any chance of back injury.


What are the different types of ergonomic keyboards?

Are you getting confused while scrolling through the ergonomic keyboard supplier’s website? Are you overwhelmed with the number of options available? Let’s take a step back and first discuss the types of ergonomic keyboards.


Split Keyboards

This type of keyboard is divided into two halves to allow you to adjust the width of the keyboard as you like. It also comes with an adjustable tilt, providing comfort and range beyond any other available option. However, getting used to it may require a lot of time, and often, only touch typists get used to it easily.


Tilted Keyboards

This basic ergonomic keyboard is easy on your pocket and provides options to adjust the tilt of the keyboard to prevent wrist injury. Health professionals recommend negative tilt angles; your palms should be elevated from the keypad while typing to avoid straining your wrist. It is the most budget-friendly ergonomic keyboard available.


Wave Keyboards

If fear of change haunts you and prevents you from looking at ergonomic keyboards wholesale options, then wave keyboards are for you. With a slightly wide design and keypads shaped like a wave, which provide a slight vertical angle at two points to keep wrists at the best possible angles, they solve wrist and shoulder problems without changing too much.


Curved Keyboards

Curved Ergonomic Keyboards provide a vertical angle at a single point, like a half wave. They have cushioned palm rests and adjustable heights to offer optimum comfort and maximum performance.


How is an ergonomic keyboard right for me?

After discussing the types of ergonomic keyboards, the next question arises: what is the best-suited option for me? Finding the right fit for every individual from an ergonomic keyboards wholesale supplier will boost a worker's productivity to a whole new level. Let’s discuss the critical factors necessary before making any decision.


Work type

If you want to switch to an ergonomic keyboard for your daily tasks and spend only one or two hours on the computer, then a simple ergonomic keyboard with adjustable tilt may be enough. But for office workers who are required to type throughout the day and have typing speeds above 90 or 100 words per minute, then a wave keyboard or split keyboard is the right choice. Touch typists, using all fingers to type, typically excel at split keyboards.


Tilt and adjustability

If you are looking for a keyboard that provides adjustable options for width and height, then the split keyboard is the King. Other ergonomic keyboards also come with multiple legs to adjust the height and tilt angle of the keyboards to maximize comfort and reduce wrist pain. So, choose keyboards with tilt and adjustability options if you want to prioritize comfort and freedom.


Switch types

Ergonomic keyboards have mechanical switches, which provide unparalleled durability, and membrane switches, which give a much quieter experience. If you are looking to buy keyboards for your office, you can get ergonomic keyboards wholesale options with membrane switches to create an office-friendly environment. However, some users, especially gamers and programmers, like the feel of the sound of the keyboards.


Do ergonomic keyboards help you type faster?

After entering the world of ergonomic keyboards, you may need help adjusting to the ergonomic keyboards. You may observe a significant decrease in typing speed, but you will regain or improve with time. Touch typists usually get used to ergonomic keyboards within 3 to 7 days, while others may require as long as 3 weeks. However, the main difference is that with ergonomic keyboards, your speed remains the same throughout the day, but regular keyboards drop after every hour due to stress and fatigue. Ultimately, it falls to “0” as you wait and recover from injury.


Why should I invest in an ergonomic keyboard?

Suppose you own an enterprise and want your employees to outperform themselves compared to previous years. In that case, investing in purchasing ergonomic keyboards wholesale deals may be the best decision of your life as performance and productivity will elevate to heights that you have never seen before. Even if you want to buy for your individual needs, small capital is nothing compared to spending thousands of bucks on medical bills, especially in these inflation-ridden times. A small investment in ergonomic keyboards will save you a lot in the future, making the question of whether we should invest in ergonomic keyboards a no-brainer.


Are ergonomic keyboards worth the money?

Due to their design, ergonomic keyboard suppliers and manufacturers promise enhanced comfort, reduced risk of injury, and increased performance. The points mentioned below will make it even more apparent why ergonomic keyboards, although more expensive than regular ones, are worth the money.

● Increased Performance: Improved efficiency means better work.

● Increased Comfort: Users can work longer hours without discomfort.

● Injury Prevention: Saving hundreds and thousands of dollars on medical bills.

Taking this opportunity, we would like to introduce you to the world of ergonomics by recommending an ergonomic keyboard and mouse combo that is worth every penny you spend on it, and its feat outshines its costs


MEETION DirectorB Dual 2.4G and Bluetooth Connectivity


● Keys: 119 Keys

● Keyboard Type: Curved ergonomic keyboard

● Mouse Type: Ergonomic Vertical

● Connectivity: 1*2.4GHz, 2*Bluetooth 5.0


A keyboard and mouse combo that seamlessly fits right into your office setup and provides ultimate freedom with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. With the option of connecting it with three devices (two Bluetooth and one 2.4GHz) and switching between them with just a button, comfort, range, and freedom were always challenging to find in a single device. With a good battery backup, quick USB type C recharging, a vertical ergonomic mouse, and the best curved ergonomic keyboard, MEETION DirectorB wireless keyboard and mouse combo is the best option for your work setup. 


What Are The Pros Of An Ergonomic Keyboard?

● Enhanced posture to prevent shoulder and back injury

● A better wrist angle reduces wrist pain and helps prevent future injuries, saving money.

● Increase in performance and focus, hence improving productivity

● Freedom of adjustments with height and tilt options


What Are The Cons Of An Ergonomic Keyboard?

● Expensive than normal keyboards

● It requires time to get used to it.

● It may not seamlessly adjust to a working setup.



Drawing from our earlier discussion, you now possess the essential knowledge and data to make a well-informed decision about which ergonomic keyboard suits you the best and the benefits of ergonomic keyboards. Also, you are well aware of the initial adjustment period of an ergonomic keyboard. You will continue to use it once you have selected the best-fit keyboard from an ergonomic keyboard supplier.

Considering all the health-related benefits and other advantages, what are you waiting for? Embrace the c,e, and ride on the wave of ergonomic keyboards. Explore the world of ergonomics and get the best wholesale deals on ergonomic keyboards.

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