Speaking of Senior E-sports, MeeTion must not be Mentioned

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     Speaking of senior e-sports, we have to mention the MeeTion brand from China.The MT-M930 of MeeTion, which is a very cost-effective gaming mouse. This mouse has a cool design with a cracked texture and 16.8 million RGB backlight breathing light. The mouse shines exceptionally.

    The engine chips is the core of a mouse. The MT-M930 of Meetion uses advanced gaming chip. Faster and more accurate positioning, plus a 1000Hz USB rate of return, the mouse's response speed can reach 1ms, allowing players to be handy in e-sports games. 

    The MT-M930 of Meetion is an enthusiast gaming mouse, positioning the consumer group is a high-end game player. The mouse can meet the needs of the players both in terms of design and performance. In particular, the dpi plus or minus key design avoids the dilemma of single-click to reduce the DPI. 

        Every changes of Meetion is to give you a better experience!

Every moment, we are trying to change and become better!

We look forward to the win-win again between us!

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