The Best Wired Gaming Mouse in 2024

With the increasingly competitive gaming scene, you can not use a basic mouse to succeed at the highest level. You need the best one! The last thing you want is a delayed response when you are ready to give your target a headshot! In many cases, the difference between victory and defeat is just milliseconds.


Given the fast response times and low latency rating, wired mice are often the favorites of passionate gamers. You won’t settle for anything average if you are a hardcore gamer. Instead, you should invest in a wired gaming mouse. But how do you select one? Which factors do you need to consider before making a decision? And how do you test a wired gaming mouse? This article will answer all such questions and help you buy the best-wired gaming mouse. We aim to help you make an informed decision so your investment does not go to waste.


The Best Wired Gaming Mouse in 2024

What is the best wired gaming mouse in 2024? Is it the lightweight Logitech G502 X gaming mouse? Or is it the MEETION M930 gaming mouse known for its fancy backlit RGB lighting? Before selecting a wired gaming mouse for your needs, let us take a quick look at the essential features of a perfect wired gaming mouse. Getting a hold of them will help you decide about buying the best gaming mouse for your needs.


How To Choose The Best-Wired Gaming Mouse

In this section, we will discuss the features such as sensor, wire type, weight, programmable buttons, and scroll of a wired gaming mouse that can give you the best performance when required. So let's get started.



The sensor technology is one of the most essential features of a wired gaming mouse. It is responsible for precise control, accuracy, and responsiveness during gameplay. Two main types of sensors reign in wired mice: laser and optical sensors. As the name suggests, optical sensors use LEDs to track movement, while laser sensors employ laser beams. LED mice like Razer Naga X ensure smooth and responsive cursor movements, while laser sensors can work on various surfaces, including glasses. However, laser technology is prone to undesired acceleration, which can be a severe con for games that require ultimate precision.


Wire Stature

One thing that often troubles gamers with wired mice is cable entanglement. Cable length can significantly impact the gamer’s ability to execute and demonstrate precise control and attacks. If it is too short, freedom of movement is compromised. On the other hand, if it is too long, it can be tangled up, which annoys the best gamers.


MEETION offers a range of cable lengths for its select wired mice. Before choosing a particular cable length, you should consider several factors. Firstly, you should opt for a cable length that fits the size of your gaming setup. More extended spaces correspond to longer lengths, and smaller spaces require shorter lengths. Otherwise, you will face entanglement issues.  

If you prefer playing closer to your keyboard, opt for smaller lengths. Similarly, if you play games that require sharp reflexes, you should also go for a shorter length. There will be a lesser risk of the cable getting entangled.



The optimum weight of a gaming mouse is highly dependent upon personal preferences and playing style. If you require quicker and sharper reflexes from your mouse, go for a lightweight mouse that is easier to navigate. However, if you prefer stability and precision, you should go for mice that are heavier in weight. To make a final decision, we recommend you try out both types and choose the one that best suits your style.


Programmable Buttons

A wired gaming mouse with programmable buttons lets you customize them according to your gaming style. They help you execute complex actions quickly. They prove extremely handy during intense and challenging situations. Moreover, you can assign frequently used commands to these programmable buttons to manage them with just a single click. Such features help make gaming enjoyable and convenient. So, it would help if you opted for a wired gaming mouse equipped with programmable buttons.


How Do We Test Wired Gaming Mice?

There are several ways to test wired gaming mice. We discuss two of them below.


Vsync Tester

Vsync tester is a valuable way to test the performance of your gaming mouse. It can analyze the mouse input lag. You just have to move your cursor consistently in a given white box. This way, the tester records the mouse lag, the difference between the hardware cursor (mouse pointer), and the last recorded mouse position (red box). The result is in milliseconds (ms). A flat line indicates zero ms or no lag. However, the average result peaks around 8~12 ms. You can check your mouse via Vsync tester by clicking here.



Aimlabs has devised a sensitivity finder test for gaming mice. The test runs you through different scenarios and lets you aim targets like in competitive gaming. In this way, Aimlabs records data and tracks your performance. Then, it uses that data to assess your current gaming setup. Then, it finally makes a call regarding the ideal sensitivity required according to your current gaming setup to yield optimal performance for your mouse. Once you adjust, you can elevate your gaming experience to the next level.


What Is The Best Mouse Brand For Gaming?


So, which mouse brand should you choose? Let's summarize the different brands for you. Logitech mice, such as the Logitech G502 X, are mid-range mice best for average gamers who do not demand extreme performance.


If you want to enjoy premium features but are on a tight budget, you must go for mid-range MEETION mice such as the M930. They offer good value for money.

The Best Wired Gaming Mouse in 2024 1 

However, if you want to enjoy the premium quality mice available in the market and are willing to spend a hefty amount, you should go for Razer Naga X.


Final Thoughts

Only wired mice can give you a premium gaming experience without getting heavy on your pocket. From sensor technology to cable length to weight, we have discussed all the factors that can affect your gameplay. Moreover, we have also discussed various mouse brands to help you make an easy buying decision. If you want to enjoy premium features without spending much, invest in MEETION mice such as the M930. They will give you good value for money. Moreover, we have also discussed various mouse testing methods to help you optimize your gaming performance.

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