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What is the Polling Rate of Mouse?

What is the Polling Rate of Mouse?

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What is the Polling Rate of Mouse?

Generally speaking, the mouse polling rate refers to the transmission frequency of the MCU (Micro Controller Unit) and the computer. In short, it's the time it takes for you to take some action on the mouse to make a corresponding behavior on your computer.

Now the mouse polling rate on the market usually supports 125Hz/ 250Hz/ 500Hz/ 1000Hz, and the different polling rate represents the time required for the MCU to send data to the computer one time.

Polling RateResponse Time

How to Choose the Polling Rate?

The return on mouse has little effect on daily use, and the biggest impact is in the game. The return rate is low, the mouse loses more frames, the precision is low; the return rate is high, the mouse loses less frames, the mouse precision is high, and the pointer's mobile response is more sensitive.

But the higher the polling rate and the higher the accuracy, the conclusion is not absolute, which is also related to computer configuration. Because the CPU with high polling rate needs to occupy more CPU, the CPU usage is high and the higher the polling rate, the more power consumption. If the computer configuration is low and the mouse return rate is set higher, it will cause the mouse to drop frames. This situation will be more significant in the game.

Under normal daily use, the user sets the rate of return to 500Hz is the most secure. Because it can guarantee the accuracy of mouse control, but also meet the mainstream configuration of the computer.

Polling Rate 500HZ VS 1000HZ

In our interview with professional players, we found that everyone will choose a mouse polling rate of 500Hz or 1000Hz.
The higher polling rate used, the more you use the computer's performance and the higher the configuration requirements. For games that support high polling rate, the player will respond to a 1000Hz polling rate and the mouse will become smoother, while the 500Hz polling rate will be more stable.

The difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz is that if your computer is highly configured, 1000Hz will occasionally cause mouse frame loss, but it is almost negligible. However, in the middle and low configuration of the computer, the mouse frame loss situation is obvious, and the player's game experience is bad.

For 500Hz, even if your computer is in the middle and low, there is no mouse frame loss. The two are related to mouse sensitivity, although it does not significantly affect the mouse DPI, in the actual experience, the 1000Hz mouse is slightly faster than 500Hz.

Specifically, it is necessary to choose 
the appropriate polling rate of gaming mouse acc
ording to the player's computer configuration and game habits.

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