Wired vs Wireless Which Mouse Is Better for Your Gaming Experience

Imagine you are deep into your high-stakes PUBG match. The victory is just a headshot away. You are about to seal the deal, but your mouse cable drags, and you miss your aim! Within a matter of milliseconds, you go from winning to losing. If you want a competitive edge over others, having the perfect mouse can be a game changer. This article will help you select the ideal mouse based on your preferences and style for your gaming needs. Let’s explore the “Wired vs. Wireless Mouse debate” from a gaming aspect!

Most casual gamers use wired mice because they are economical. But if you want to take your game to the next level, there are many other features to look for before deciding where to invest. A standard mouse cannot keep up with a gaming mouse for various reasons. The design philosophy is different for both, and investing in a decent gaming mouse will improve your aim and provide the right conditions to build muscle memory.


Comparison Wired Vs. Wireless

Before we dive into further details, here is a quick comparison of wired vs. wireless mice:





Desk Clutter




Comparatively Cheap

Slightly Expensive

Mouse Snag



Battery Dependency



Range of Movement


9~10 meters



Slightly higher than wired

Signal Interference





Why use a wired mouse?

A gamer can equally benefit from a wired mouse compared to a wireless mouse. Here are three main features that make the wired superior to wireless:


Response Time

Unlike wireless mice, which require a medium to transfer data to their receivers, wired mice transfer data directly via a cable. Their response is the fastest, and there is potentially no lag experienced. If you are into shooting games, this can be a crucial factor. The moment you click, you want your gun to fire immediately. Even the slightest of delays can lead you to miss your target. In this regard, wired mice are the clear winners.


However, with the advent of technology, wireless mice are still catching up. Advanced wireless mice such as Meetion BTM002 offer polling rates of up to 1000 Hz, which is very close to their wired counterparts. But if you are on a budget, we suggest you buy a traditional wired mouse to avoid any inconvenience due to lag and latency.

Wired vs Wireless Which Mouse Is Better for Your Gaming Experience 1 

No battery dependence

Wired mice don’t require a battery to function. It means you don’t have to worry about any charging schedule for your mouse. The last thing you want as a gamer is your mouse battery dying out in an intense gaming session. This feature can distract a hyper-focused gamer even if it can notify you about low battery levels.

Moreover, with a wired mouse, there is no fear of your mouse performance dropping due to low battery levels. No matter how frequent your usage or how high-tech your RGB lights are, your life becomes easy when you own a wired mouse.


No signal interference

Unlike their wireless counterparts, wired mice are not susceptible to signal interference. The situation is complex with wireless mice if you have multiple wireless devices at your desk or are in a space crowded with wireless signals. In such cases, even the slightest interference means a delay in your mouse output, which can mean the difference between a clutch victory and a regrettable defeat. Wired mice win the battle in this regard.


Is Wireless Mouse Good for Gaming?


Freedom of Movement

Apart from battery management, wireless mice are more convenient than wired mice. They occupy lesser desk space and can be moved around with absolute freedom. You do not have to worry about cable management before or during gaming sessions. After all, tangled cables are the last thing you want on your table. With so many cables to manage on your desk, having a wireless mouse on board is a significant relief. Moreover, wireless mice can be a lifesaver if your gaming setup requires sitting further away from the screen! You can enjoy non-stop, hassle-free gaming.



Traveling with a wireless mouse is easier. You just have to slip the mouse into your bag and are good to go. This ease of portability gives a clear edge if you are a gamer who frequently travels to gaming events, parties, or a friend’s gaming setup. It ensures your performance and comfort irrespective of any environment. Although, you have to handle the tiny receiver with care and can not afford to lose it at any cost. Apart from that, it’s easier to manage a mouse without cables. You never wish to spend time detangling the wires and keeping them in your bag.


Aesthetics and Convenience

The latest wireless mice are equipped with sleek and modern designs that can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Without the need for a cable, your desk looks neat and clutter-free. Gamers who take pride in their beautiful gaming setups prefer using modern wireless mice such as Meetion BTM011. They also come with cool RGB lighting features, which look darn good to the eye. Most wired mouses will come with similar characteristics, too, like RGB lighting, or many of their components may look similar individually. Still, the absence of cables makes a wireless mouse so pleasing to the eye.

Wired vs Wireless Which Mouse Is Better for Your Gaming Experience 2 


So which one should you go for? As you have seen that both wired and wireless mice have their pros and cons from a gaming aspect, the choice depends entirely upon your preferences. If you can afford high-end wireless mice, frequently travels for gaming events, loves to have a cable and clutter-free experience, and can manage the hassle of battery charging, wireless mice are the best option. Not to mention that latency is no longer an issue with most modern wireless mice. However, if you prefer an ultra-stable connection, get annoyed by battery charging, and can manage cable entanglement issues, you should use the old-school wired mouse approach.


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