Are wireless mice better than wired for FPS gaming


Are wireless mice better than wired for FPS gaming

Quick reactions and a clear head are essential in first-person shooter games. Precision movements and clicks make all the difference between winning and losing. Can a wireless mouse keep up with the fast response time of a wired mouse? What if your mouse starts stuttering or cannot pick up the rapid swipes on your mousepad? It can bring down statistics for professional gamers, streamers, or online gamers.

Most professional gamers prefer a wired mouse, but wireless mouse technology has caught up and now provides similar specifications. If you carefully plan your purchase, you can avoid potential performance issues from wireless. This article aims to provide our readers with a solid foundation so that they can make the best choice for their FPS gaming experience. Before we get into the specification, let's see why a gaming mouse is essential for the FPS genre.


Why does Mouse performance matter in FPS gaming?

First-person shooters like CS GO, Valorant, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2 are some of the popular games in the format. They all have one thing in common: fast-paced games emphasizing aim and tricks. The critical maneuvers require a combination of accurate movements with perfect timing of key presses and mouse clicks. If your wireless mouse has a low response time, it can directly affect your performance. Let's move to the next big question, wireless vs. wired. Which is better?


Are wireless mice better than wired ones for FPS gaming?

The first ever wireless mouse was based on infrared technology. It had massive glitches and a very low response time. Then the market was flooded with Bluetooth-based mice that could achieve 7.5ms of response time. It was decent for office use but lacked the gaming aspect.

Modern gaming mice such as the MEETION BTM011, Razer Basilisk V3 Pro, Logitech G Pro X Superlight, etc., are top-of-the-line gaming mice with response times as low as 1ms. The difference between wired and wireless mice is now eliminated. However, to ensure you get the best wireless gaming mouse on the market, we will mention some key features in the next section that you should consider.

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Which features are critical for FPS gaming?

To become a pro at FPS gaming, practicing on hardware that stays with you for a long time is vital. Here are some top features that gamers should look for in a gaming mouse:


1. Latency

Latency is written in milliseconds (ms) or polling rate (Hz). It represents the number of times the mouse communicated with the PC. If the reporting frequency is high, the mouse movement will be smoother, and there will be fewer chances of stutter. Modern high-end mice like the MEETION BTM011 come with 1 ms of response time, making them perfect for FPS gaming. If you are planning to buy a wireless mouse, make sure that the mouse is based on 2.4GHz wireless or RF technology and the response time is 1 ms.


2. Flawless Sensor Technology

Loads of features are associated with a suitable mouse sensor. It is the primary detector in the mouse that registers the movement of the mouse on a surface. The sensor can be compared with a camera that detects motion. Flawless sensors are capable of providing hardware specifications that are errorless. The typical features of a sensor are DPI, IPS, and Acceleration. Let's see what each does in a gaming mouse:


● DPI: Dot per inch is how fast the cursor moves across the screen. Modern mice come with adjustable DPI. Using a sniper or short-range weapon in a shooting game requires different DPI settings. While using a sniper, small and accurate movement is critical, whereas, in close combat, fast moves are key to winning. Your mouse should have a sensor with a high DPI with an adjustable button to become superior in gaming.

● IPS: It is the inches moved by a mouse in a second beyond which it stops registering movement. The fastest movement that an average human can make is lower than 150 ips. Anything above 150ips makes it efficient enough for flawless gaming.

● Acceleration: The definition of acceleration is the same as in any physics book. It's the change of speed per second. A humanly possible acceleration is below 20g. A mouse registering anything above or equal to 20g is ideal for fps gaming.


3. Weight

Weight is something to look out for in a wireless gaming mouse. Compared to a wired mouse, it would have the additional weight of a transmitter and battery to power the onboard electronics. Ultralight mice are not possible with wireless technology. However, manufacturers have managed to keep the mouse weight under 100g, which is decent for most gaming applications. Just be sure the mouse you pick has a lower weight to avoid fatigue in your wrists.


4. Convenience

The most significant advantage of having a wireless mouse is the convenience. You can carry the mouse anywhere, and most products have a built-in storage compartment for the 2.4GHz receiver. You may come across high-end mice with specialized wired receivers, which are the finest in performance. However, they come with a wire, which can cause similar wired mouse portability issues. It's up to the user to decide which is best for their lifestyle.



5. Range and Surface Area

Wireless mice come with ranges that are enough to support any large room. A high-end mouse can operate up to 10m distance from the receiver. The polling rate may be affected by distance, but the range for operation is decent for any gamer. A larger mouse pad with ample space is feasible with wireless technology. There is no struggle with wire handling. Adjusting the mouse DPI so that significant mouse movement translates to slight cursor movement improves accuracy for FPS games.


Final Verdict: Wired or Wireless Mice?

Wireless mice are far superior in technology and many other aspects. In case you are a user who wants to avoid frequently charging your devices and have a limited budget to spend, we recommend opting for a wired mouse. The performance will remain the same between a wired and a wireless mouse if you consider the specifications mentioned in the article. 

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