Are Bluetooth Keyboards Slower than Wired?


Wireless technology is rapidly progressing, and we are already at the point where Bluetooth (BT) can transfer data at 2Mbps. The big question is, Can Bluetooth be fast enough to beat a wired connection? Well, the answer depends on the application, but in general, Bluetooth is not faster than a wired connection. In a work-from-home setting or office work, Bluetooth keyboards are fast enough to be undetectable by the user. In contrast, a pro gamer can tell the difference in gaming as the inherent BT drawback would cause a response lag. In this article, we will observe why the two technologies are different and the science that makes them unique.


1. The Science Behind Keyboard Latency

The latency depends on two things. One is the delay caused by the communication protocol that the device uses. Second, is the technology of the keyboard switches. In gaming, low response time is critical. An FPS game like Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege (R6), or PUBG requires a fast human response. Having the device response time lower than a humanly possible response is critical. Let's have a look at their details:


Communication Protocol

Bluetooth works on wireless technology that is inherently prone to interferences caused by other radio frequency signals or environmental conditions. On the other hand, wired connections work under any environment, and the chances of interference are near to none. However, a wired keyboard can use a PS/2, USB 3.2, or Thunderbolt connection. The most common protocol is USB 3.2, fast enough to allow professional gamers the lowest possible communication time.


Key Switches

Each key on the keyboard has a switch underneath, which activates when pressed. It contacts the circuit board (PCB) to register a key press. The computer acknowledges the data received and responds accordingly. The speed at which this process happens depends on the type of technology. There are mainly two types of key switches:


Rubber Dome Switches

They are soft when operating and ideal for situations where the user requires a cost-effective solution. The response time of a rubber dome switch depends on multiple factors, such as the force needed and the activation point.

Rubber dome switches require more force than some mechanical switches, and the keyboard only registers the key when fully pressed. It can cause fatigue and delay as the user will require more effort to ensure full travel length. There are no specific types of rubber dome switches; they usually have the same mechanics.


Mechanical Switches

These are the most preferred switches by all gamers. It is mainly due to their solid feedback, low actuation distance, fast response, and long-lasting design. A high-end gaming keyboard like the MEETION MK007 Pro comes with Blue Outemu switches that ensure rapid response and tactical feedback that reassures gamers of a key press. There are many types of mechanical switches. Here is a short table to describe each of their characteristics:

Outemu Switch

Actuation Type

Actuation Force

Travel Distance

Bottom Out





























2. How Much Latency Does a Bluetooth Keyboard Have?

Bluetooth keyboards are preferred for office or work-related applications as they do not require fast response time. A typical Bluetooth keyboard can have around 200ms of latency under ideal conditions. The number can go higher depending on the environment and interference.


3. Are Bluetooth Keyboards Good for Gaming?

The latency of BT technology will not affect casual gamers as they do not require rapid keycap presses. In contrast, a professional gamer in a competitive environment cannot afford the delay caused by the technology. As per the experiment conducted by Switch & Click, a gamer can reduce 79 milliseconds of their reaction time when using a wired keyboard instead of a wireless keyboard. Even though the number may seem small, it can make the difference between winning or losing in competitive settings.


4. When to Choose a Bluetooth Keyboard?

Bluetooth keyboards are an excellent choice for applications requiring an economical and easy-to-use technology. A Bluetooth keyboard needs a BT receiver which is now a common feature of all laptops and desktop computers. Assume you're presenting at a meeting or standing on the podium to deliver a great speech. You may not be able to reach your laptop, but a wireless keyboard can help. Casual gamers that play Grand Theft Auto, Tomb Raider, or any other RPG can fully utilize a Bluetooth keyboard.


5. When to Choose a Wired Keyboard?

If you expect a consistent performance from your keyboard, as there is a championship title on the line, then always go for a wired keyboard. It provides stable connectivity, and there are negligible chances of any interference. There is no need to constantly worry about charging your device; it can connect to any device with a USB port.


6. Which Brands Have the Best Bluetooth and Wired Keyboards?

It is essential to mention brands that produce top-tier products and manufacturers with the best price/performance product ratio. Here are some brands that make some of the top-performing keyboards with some honorable product mentions:



If you are looking for a product that does not compromise performance, Razer should be your go-to brand. It has excellent customer feedback and support. Razer Pro Type Ultra is their Bluetooth keyboard that can pair with up to 3 devices for seamless switching. It is a full-size keyboard with backlit capability. The only drawback is it has limited switches.



MEETION has tons of products under its name. Their products have the best price/performance ratio and the most advanced technology. So Why not go for a product with the best of both worlds? MEETION MK005BT features both wired and Bluetooth connectivity. It is a 60% keyboard, freeing space on the desk. The wireless capability makes it easy to store and travel. In a competitive gaming mood, users can plug in the USB and enjoy ultra-fast response times. Check out their whole range of wired and wireless keyboards on their official website.


Are Bluetooth Keyboards Slower than Wired? 1 




It is one of the most popular brands for office use. They are gaining market in the gaming industry, but their expertise lies in office products. Logitech Signature K650 is a budget-friendly wireless keyboard with rubber dome switches for silent operation. It is spill friendly and does not collect dust or debris. Once installed with AA batteries, it can continue operating for 36 months before any need for replacement.


7. Final Verdict

We can conclude that Bluetooth and wired keyboards have different purposes. Bluetooth keyboards are slower than wired, but the difference is not noticeable for office purposes. When it comes to competitive gaming, the 200ms response time of the BT keyboard is too high. A wired keyboard with mechanical switches is best for gaming purposes. Whereas, a Bluetooth keyboard with a rubber dome switch is ideal for the business environment.

Having an excellent price/performance ratio adds value to the product. Any manufacturer that aims to provide the best quality features within a budget that fits every competitive gamer's pocket is the best. Do check out the line-up of wired and wireless keyboards by MEETION they have the best-performing gaming hardware.

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