Do Pro Gamers use Wired or Wireless Mouse?


Wireless mouse have become extremely fast, and their response rates now match the performance of a wired mouse. On the other hand, the consistent power source of a wired mouse is an irreplaceable feature. The decision lies with the gamer, and we will explain reasons why you should go for a specific type. Pro gamers evaluate standard features in a mouse, such as high polling rates, adjustable sensitivity, sensor technology, and programable buttons.

Gamers prefer a wired mouse to a wireless mouse due to its consistency. Extended gaming sessions are necessary for skill development, and the constant need to recharge is one thing to worry about. Having a mouse with an ergonomic design aids in muscle memory development. In this article, we will touch on the familiar aspects to look for in a mouse and then move to the specific advantages of wired and wireless mice.


1. General Vital Features

Despite the unique advantages associated with wired and wireless technology, there are three standard features that every gamer should look for in their pointing device:



The technology of the sensor dictates how the mouse performs. It reads the motion of your hand and translates it into cursor movement. First-person shooters require rapid movements from standstill to accelerations reaching 20g. A mouse with a reasonable price/performance ratio, such as the MEETION GM21_2023, offers acceleration with a polling rate of 1000Hz. Anything above 20g is overkill and physically impossible. Examples of flawless sensors are Pixart PMW 3366, SteelSeries TrueMove Air, Logitech Hero 25k, and Razer Focus+.

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Programmable Buttons

Professional gamers require customization to make their actions faster, such as opening the scope, switching characters, building, attacking, etc. The maximum number of programmable buttons on a single mouse can reach up to 20. Multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBAs) are the most demanding of programmable buttons. It depends on the genre and the player's style and demand. Typically two buttons are the bare minimum in a FPS gaming mouse.



Your mouse must be high quality to support extended gaming sessions. The grip should be firm and support the hand to avoid fatigue. Mice come in ambidextrous, left hand and right-hand grip designs. There are also options for claw, palm, and fingertip mouse grip styles. Make sure you pick the right one that caters to your style.


2. Why do pro gamers use Wired Mouse?

Wired mice have been around since their first invention. The technology is very mature, and users have become comfortable with its operation. Most pro gamers prefer wired mouse over wireless mouse due to the following three reasons:


A. Lower Latency

Latency is the time the mouse takes to register a movement and convey it to the computer. Achieving lower latency with a wired connection is economical. On the other hand, a wireless mouse with high polling rates will be expensive and require a dedicated receiver. 1ms has become the standard for a gaming mouse, and a wired mouse provides it at half the price. When it comes to lower latency, wired mice are a clear win.


B. Reliability

If you reduce the number of components in any device, the probability of its failure decrease. You need your mouse to stay with you reasonably long to build muscle memory. Some brands, such as MEETION, do not change the shape of their mouse after generational improvements. Professionals should pick a mouse from the lineup to keep their gaming performance unaffected by older technology or change in form.


C. Consistent Power Source

Unlike a wireless mouse, a wired mouse does not need to be charged. The consistent power source from the USB/PS2 port keeps it running for long gaming sessions without any interruptions. It is the biggest reason gamers prefer wired over wireless mice.

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3. Why do pro gamers use a wireless mouse?

The convenience that comes with a wireless mouse is ideal for travelers or competitive gamers. Most gamers end up with a broken mouse wire or cable management issues. In contrast, wireless mice do not break down and provide smooth glides. Here are reasons why gamers should consider wireless mouse:


A. Freedom of Movement

The ability to carry your gear around is ideal for laptops or competitive gamers. A mouse or a keyboard both have a critical role in a gamer's performance. The human brain syncs with the ergonomics of the devices. You need your own gear to maximize performance when competing.

A wireless mouse is easier to manage and carry around compared to a wired mouse. Cables can get tangled in your backpack and take significant time out of your crucial competitive gaming schedule. Not to mention the headache it leaves behind to sort out all the wires.


B. Personal Preference

A wireless mouse typically has a higher price tag than a wired mouse. It all comes down to the preference of the user. Some gamers prefer a DIY mouse like the MEETION BTM011 that allows them to change parts, add weights, and improve performance. A wired mouse becomes infeasible if you are a gamer who likes to play on big screens and projectors. A wireless mouse can operate at a distance of 33 feet, making them practically usable across any big room with freedom of movement.

Do Pro Gamers use Wired or Wireless Mouse? 2 

C. 2.4GHz Vs. Bluetooth Technology

A Bluetooth mouse user will need help understanding how swiftly a 2.4GHz RF-based mouse responds. The response of the latest Bluetooth version mouse is around 7.5ms, whereas a 2.4GHz can reach up to 1000Hz polling rate, which translates to a 1ms response time. With such a low response time, the cursor and hand movements become one. The glide is seamless, and accuracy is at its peak. Introducing high polling rates has made wireless mice compatible with competitive gaming.

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Overall, the wireless and wired mouse both have their limitation and advantages. As a user, you need to evaluate your usage and need for specific aspects. A wireless mouse should be your go-to option if you prefer freedom of movement. Using a wired mouse is better if you are a streamer or online gamer because they have a favorable price/performance ratio. We hope you found value in the article and your next best gaming mouse.

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