MEETION Brand Initiative

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict could turn into Europe's biggest refugee crisis this century, with the deteriorating situation already sending large numbers of refugees to European countries. National authorities are taking responsibility for the registration, reception, accommodation, and protection of these refugees.

As a well-known consumer electronics accessories manufacturer, MEETION brand will do its best to provide the following help:

1. Call on MEETION brand distributors around the world to provide refugees with assistance within their ability;

2. Ask MEETION brand distributors to sell at a fair price to buyers who hold refugee certification documents;

3. Individuals or groups who have helped refugee friends enjoy the exclusive rights to sign contracts for the MEETION brand;

4. Call on MEETION brand distributors to encourage more MEETION users to help refugee friends through social media;

5. The MEETION brand fully supports refugee friends who have entrepreneurial ideas to start a business and accumulate wealth to rebuild their homes;


MEETION hereby calls on the majority of organizations and companies to actively pay attention to the international situation and provide assistance within their ability! May the world be at peace!


MEETION brand headquarters announced

March 4, 2022

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